Game over, ‘moderate’ conservatives!

By Bradlee Dean

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.

– President Ronald Reagan

On Tuesday, Barack Hussein Obama, who has the worst presidential record in history, won a second term. The day after the elections, CNN blurted out the truth in their confusion and came out with a telling report which revealed that the No. 1 reason Romney lost the election was his failure to capture the youth vote. CNN stated:

“Younger voters and minorities came to the polls at levels not far off from the historic coalition Obama assembled in 2008. The reality caught off-guard Republicans who banked on a more monolithic voting body sending them to the White House – and who had based their polling on that assumption. The outcome revealed a stark problem for Republicans: If they don’t broaden their tent, they won’t move forward.”

Obama took home 60 percent of the youth vote, while Romney only took 36 percent.

Obama would not have won without the youth vote, since 19 percent of all the votes came from ages 18 to 29.

In July, I wrote an article entitled, “Can conservatives win without youth vote?” I mentioned that if the conservative populace desires to be successful, they must sow into the next generation:

“I say to those who are willing to fight for our nation and put this incumbent administration out of business: You must understand this generation does not look like you, they do not talk like you, they do not act like you, and they don’t believe like you. This generation, as you know, has been subjected to everything and protected from nothing. The ball has been dropped, and it must be picked up again. It is time you reach out to the youth in a way they can understand, for to ignore them is to bring shame upon yourselves. You must get in the face of this generation and love them enough to tell them the truth. There is no other way.”

In August, I was at the Republican National Convention being interviewed on radio row. On station after station, I talked about the importance of capturing the youth vote.

Even last week I mentioned how dictators of the past used the youth to push their agendas. Out with the old and in with the new – capitalism to communism.

And now, here we are experiencing another failure because conservatives are not reaching the most important demographic. They thought that the economy and playing the political moderate was the answer. They were sadly mistaken. They do not discern the times (Jeremiah 6:16).

The state-run media would have you believe the youth do not want to hear absolutes. I can tell you from experience, having done over 338 high school and college assemblies, the next generation is all ears to the truth. I have seen firsthand that when anyone tries to squander their God-given conscience, they rebel against it in a righteous manner. I have seen numerous students who have been converted instantly on social issues such as abortion and homosexuality, simply because no one had ever told them anything other than what they are inundated with through the state-run media.

Simply put, they are not following the Constitution because they are not told about the Constitution (Exodus 18:21). Many of them do not even know that we are a republic, and then America wonders why they are ruled by opinion (democracy) rather than law.

To the moderate conservative, your political games and your methodology are over with. You failed the test. Game over.

While many professed conservatives are stuck in the same old worthless ideology, they have an entire generation that is ready and willing to sacrifice their all for the truth’s sake. They are not politically correct. They do not want to hear about methods that don’t work. They want to live for something; they want to know who they are so they can know where they are going.

America, men follow courage, not titles. Now is not the time to sit down; now is the time to stand up and lead. Now is the time to take our country back. God is proving His people.

“In the 34-plus years I have been in education, I don’t recall an all-school assembly capturing an audience so completely.”

– Principal of Mount Ayr High School, Iowa

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