Obamacare – the nationalization of one of the largest sectors of the U.S. economy – may yet be defeated after all. Liberty University, a magnificent Christian college in Lynchburg, Va., has persuaded the Supreme Court to order the sniveling Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond to hear its challenge to the constitutionality of the new law.

Liberty’s ground of attack is a strong one. The university argues that the requirement that citizens must contribute directly to a fund specifically earmarked for baby-butchering infringes the citizen’s right to religious freedom under the First Amendment, which debars Congress from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.”

Readers of a squeamish disposition should turn away for the next few paragraphs, because I am going to describe how an abortion takes place.

A suction nozzle not unlike a carpet-cleaner is inserted into the womb. The little child, realizing that its home is being invaded, shrinks away.

But there is no escape. The child is dismembered, limb by limb, and the little pieces are sucked out of the womb and set aside for experiment, incineration, or sale. The ultrasound scan of the womb shows the child’s tiny face distorted with fear, pain and then agony. Its butchers can see it screaming. They do not care, for they do not love.

If by some miracle the little one survives this monstrous cruelty and is born alive, he or she is left to gasp a last, fluttering breath on a cold, metal tray under the cold glare of the strip-lights and the still colder glare of the vicious profiteers who salve their shrunken consciences by declaring to one another, mindlessly, over and over and over again, that “it’s just a fetus.”

We must pray for those little children, that they may be given a special place of glory in Heaven for the savage torture to which the cruelty of their own species has condemned them. And we must pray for the abortion racketeers who tortured and killed them. The ghastliest corner of Hell is where they are headed, unless our prayers can save them.

This entire, hideous procedure is often performed without even giving the little child an anesthetic to ease the torture. Why does no baby-butchering law anywhere in the world demand, as a precaution against torture, that the child be given an anesthetic? The answer tells us all we need to know about the remoteness and callousness of our governing class.

If the law required that innocent little children were anesthetized before they were butchered, the legislators would be recognizing that the children are human beings who feel pain. But if the legislators admit that, they also admit that in permitting baby-butchering they are looking the other way while wealthy doctors become still richer by what – not to put too fine a point on it – is murder.

Medical ethics is now a contradiction in terms. They call it “the right to choose.” What they mean is “the right to kill.”

This is where religion comes into it. In the Old Testament, the words “Thou Shalt Not Kill” are entirely plain. In the New Testament, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” are still plainer. The moral imperative to protect and defend the life of the child is absolute. No ifs. No buts.

It is only the believing churches – not the limp-wristed, half-hearted episcopalians but the born-again evangelicals and the quiet, persistent Catholics – who have made any effort to stop the butchery Obama wants to make you pay for whether it offends your conscience or not.

Beats me how anyone who believes baby-butchering is acceptable can call himself “liberal.” There is nothing less liberal than torturing and then killing a little child. “But what about a woman’s right to choose?” they twitter. Most women had the right to choose when they should have said no.

“But what about rape, or threat to the life of the mother?” Here, the merciful church draws a distinction between the objective wrong of taking the life of an innocent child in its mother’s womb and the subjective guilt that might – depending upon the circumstances – attach to the mother. The harder the case, the less the mother’s guilt, though the act of taking the child’s life remains wrong.

However, there is no excuse whatsoever for Obama – whose true viciousness is revealed by this particular aspect of the new law – to oblige citizens who still have consciences to pay directly for baby-butchering.

So, go, Liberty! Fight this case all the way to the Supreme Court. Stand true to the fierce faith of your founder. Ignore the venom of the illiberal mainstream media and the chattering classes. Speak out clearly, bravely, lovingly for the innocents now massacred by the tens of thousands every day.

I had the honor to give the Convocation Address to all 12,000 on-campus students and staff at Liberty University a couple of years ago. I was moved by the steady, faithful commitment to the teachings of Christ among everyone there.

So let me offer a small legal hint. When Chief Justice Roberts, in a startling display of judicial activism, rewrote Obamacare to rebrand the fines laid down in the law as taxes so as to circumvent the interstate commerce clause in the Constitution, he turned the law into a money bill. Money bills have to be introduced in the House, but the Obamacare bill was introduced in the Senate. The chief justice’s rewrite made the entire law unconstitutional.

So if Liberty cannot convince the illiberal justices that the particular provision requiring citizens to contribute to the baby-butchering fund is unlawful, it can go after the entire law.

This is a fight for life. Pray that Liberty wins it and Obamacare goes down forever.

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