It won’t be long now before the stakes rise in the sexual perversion revolution.

With Barack Obama firmly ensconced in the White House for another four years and now solidly behind the same-sex marriage push, I want to give you a glimpse of the future.

You probably missed this development that was announced Election Day, but it seems homosexual parents are no longer just as good as heterosexual parents. A study by professors at the Williams Institute at the UCLA Law School that tracked same-sex families for 26 years found that to be the case.

The study, involving 78 children of lesbian parents found all participants doing better in school and happier than their peers. They are also more “open-minded,” the study concluded.

The only problem any of the participants encountered, the study found, was so-called “homophobia” within their peer group.

With reports like this, how long do you suppose it will be before lesbians and homosexual couples will be given preference in adoption proceedings over traditional male-female married couples?

In fact, if this research is accurate and unbiased, which it is not, why not just raise all children in such households? This would presumably reduce crime rates, raise academic performance and create the perfect society? No?


In fact, the study is so dishonest and biased. It’s a crime that it was authorized and supported by a state university – one at which I once actually taught journalism.

For starters, the participants in this study used, as clinical participants, only couples that stayed together for a minimum of 28 years. As we know, most couples – homosexual or heterosexual – do not stay married for that long. In fact, despite the horrendous divorce rate among heterosexual couples, lesbian and homosexual couples tend not to have nearly the longevity of traditional parents.

Then there is the problem with the measurement standards. There is more to life than academic performance and “happiness.” Are dads worthless? Do they bring nothing of substance to child-rearing? That’s exactly what this study suggests.

Then there is the group conducting the study. What is the Williams Institute? In its own words, it is an organization that does “independent research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy.” It then disseminates this research to judges, legislators, policymakers, media and the public.

It was founded in 2001 by one man – Charles R. Williams. Who is Williams? He’s a prominent and successful businessman – and homosexual activist. He’s a member of the Gill Foundation’s OutGiving Advisory Committee. He “has been recognized by various LGBT organizations and publications. In 2002, the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association honored him with their Co-President’s Award, and OUT magazine named him one of their (sic) ‘Out 100’ in the December issue. In October 2003, the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center presented Williams with its Board of Directors Award.”

He donated $2.5 million to launch the institute – the largest donation ever given to any academic institution in support of a gay and lesbian academic program in any discipline. He has endowed the institute with a total of $13 million since.

Is it any wonder that this study produced the results its founder and the institute were hoping to find?

This is not science. It’s politics – pure and simple.

And this is how the homosexual agenda is being promoted through the media, the schools, legislatures and courts. This is an example of the bogus “science” behind it.

But, mark my words, studies like this, regardless of their worthlessness and disingenuousness, are making an impact on our society.

It won’t be long now before courts and legislatures start giving preferential treatment to homosexuals and lesbians because it is a proven fact that they are just plain better parents.

Do you think any Democrat would dispute it?

Do you think Barack Obama would dispute it?

Do you the think the California Legislature would dispute it?

Do you think any journalist outside of WND would dispute it?

This is the steep and slippery slope America’s culture finds itself upon in 2012.

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