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Macy's Parade confetti had police secrets

(NYPOST) — Charlie Brown wasn’t the biggest loser at this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Shredded police documents containing Social Security numbers, names of detectives and even a mention of Mitt Romney’s Long Island motorcade rained down on revelers as part of the confetti used for the Macy’s extravaganza.

Some of the material from the Nassau County Police Department remained scattered yesterday near Central Park West and West 65th Street — even as the department vowed a thorough investigation.

Paradegoer Ethan Finkelstein, of Manhattan, was amazed to find the information flying around.

“A friend of a friend was standing in front of me, and she had a big piece of confetti on her coat. She saw it had something on it, and we read it said SSN, like Social Security number,” said the 18-year-old Tufts University freshman.