WASHINGTON – One person called it, “The most radical, Christian liberty speech ever delivered to a nationally televised audience.”

It may well have been.

Delivered Feb. 5, 2010, at the Tea Party National Convention in Nashville by WND founder and Editor Joseph Farah, the address has been remastered into a DVD to deliver a warning, and a call to action, to America. It’s called, aptly, “Obama vs. America.”

“That title really captures the essence of the speech,” recalls Farah.

Farah and Sarah Palin were the headliners of the only Tea Party National Convention ever held, a news-making event televised by C-SPAN and other networks.

In his address, Farah dealt with the following themes:

  • Obama is an illegitimate occupant of the White House, having never produced proof of his constitutional eligibility – a fact that remains true today;
  • Obama’s goal is not to create a better economic climate in America, but to drag the free enterprise system down;
  • Obama’s election and his agenda are part of a 100-year-old plot to replace God with government, self-reliance with government dependency, self-government with top-down tyranny, and the rule of law with the rule of men;
  • Political victories like those he predicted in 2010 can be short-lived. The long-term battle is for control of the cultural institutions that shape American opinion and values.

Farah said the video is one that every American needs to see.

“I think the message contributed to the defeat of the Democrats in the midterm election of 2010. Let’s see if it works again,” he said.

Order your copy of “Obama vs. America” today only from the WND Superstore.

See the trailer:

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