With Barack Obama re-elected to the White House for four more years, half the country is wondering what we can do to limit the damage.

I actually have an answer.

In January 2011, after Republicans took over the House, I launched a campaign that now appears to be our only hope of killing off Obamacare, making Obama’s lame-duck second term a nightmare (for him, that is) and actually moving Washington toward a return to limited, constitutional government.

And all it takes to do it is the cooperation of the House Republican majority.

After Republicans took control of the House in 2010, I began thinking about what a party with control of only one house could do to challenge the president and the other house of Congress. It turns out there’s something very profound that party can do – if it has the will.

That’s where the people come in – the 50 percent of the country that rejected Obama and understands what a danger his agenda represents to America’s future.

My plan has been around ever since. It’s called the “No More Red Ink” campaign– and it’s quite simple. There’s no point in writing to your congressman if he or she is a Democrat. You are not going to convince any Democrats to buck the Obama tide. That’s obvious. But, if the “other 50 percenters” were to join the “No More Red Ink” campaign in lobbying just House Republicans to disapprove of any hike in the debt limit, Obama and Senate Democrats would be hamstrung in implementing Obamacare. It would spell the end to many other outrageous spending programs. It would force $1 trillion cuts in Washington’s annual spending. It would eliminate Planned Parenthood funding, the Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Arts, PBS and NPR subsidies and actually balance the budget overnight – if there were a budget.

It’s simply a question of numbers.

Are the “other 50 percenters” really wanting a change? There’s not a doubt in my mind that House Republicans would listen if they heard from millions of us. So far, the “No More Red Ink” campaign has generated more than 1 million letters to the House Republicans – all of whom will remain in office until January, when the new Congress sweeps in. However, most of the House Republicans in office right now will remain.

By participating in the “No More Red Ink” campaign, you generate letters to every single House Republican, including House Speaker John Boehner and the rest of his leadership team, that demand they vote no on raising the debt limit – something they will be asked to do very soon, probably this month.

It’s as simple as saying no.

And if the House Republicans say no, that means Washington must immediately start living within its means. There’s only one way to do that – cut, slash and burn to the tune of $1 trillion. No more borrowing. The insanity of ever-escalating debt stops cold.

Republicans have been unwilling to do this for the last two years, largely, I believe, because of timidity and media pressure.

But faced with millions of letters pouring in daily to their offices, I believe they may see the light. It’s our best and only chance of saving the economy and preventing the inevitability of national bankruptcy.

The debt limit represents a great opportunity to do an end-run around the usual Washington excuses.

After all, we’re just insisting that the borrowing stop.

Individual Americans can’t borrow their way out of problems.

U.S. businesses cannot endlessly borrow their way out of problems.

Even the 50 states don’t have the power to borrow their way out of problems.

Why should the federal government have the power to borrow endlessly without a thought for future generations?

Why should Washington be allowed to fund worthless, unconstitutional programs, departments and agencies with borrowed money?

Why should Republicans be a part of this madness when they have the absolute power to just say no?

The “No More Red Ink” campaign is designed to provide House Republicans with the backbone to stand up to Obama, the minority of House Democrats, the Democrat-controlled Senate and the media who want to see business as usual in Washington.

You don’t have to march on Washington.

You can participate simply by investing less than $30 and giving us your consent. We do the rest of the work, ensuring that the messages are delivered to each and every one of the 240 Republican House offices by Federal Express.

Let’s just say it’s a bargain at that price. Try to imagine what it would cost you to send 240 individual letters to Republican House members if you did it yourself. We do all the work and guarantee the delivery. The “No More Red Ink” campaign has already delivered more than 1 million letters.

Imagine their reaction if we doubled that number or tripled it or quadrupled it. Could they afford not to listen?

Let me ask you this: Do you have a better idea? Have you heard any other better ideas?

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