When the White House set up a system to allow American citizens to petition for grievances on the official website, officials probably didn’t expect to see citizens in all 50 states seeking secession.

Nor did they likely imagine it would be a place that would become a forum for those questioning Barack Obama’s eligibility for office and seeking his college and university records.

But a new petition on the government website does exactly that, asking for Obama records from Hawaii, Occidental and Harvard.

The title of the just-launched petition is, “Require Barack Obama To Allow The Public Examination Of His Birth Certificate Records & His College & University Records.”

Specifically, it states: “We The People request the Obama administration to require Barack H. Obama to authorize the public examination of his birth certificate records together his college and university records. We have all seen the document produced by The White House which has been declared suspect by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but The People request that Barack Obama authorize the State of Hawaii to release all related information concerning his birth in the State. We also request that Barack Obama authorize Occidental College and Harvard University release all records they hold in connection with The President. The People will willingly pay a reasonable fee for each page or document copied and provided by either entity in accordance with their standard fee schedule.”

The issue, of course, has been in the headlines since before Obama’s first election in 2008, when it was revealed there were unanswered questions, and logical suspicions, about Obama’s eligibility even to be president under the Constitution’s requirement that the president be a “natural born citizen.”

At the time the nation was founded, that likely was understood to mean the offspring of two citizen parents and likely born in the United States. If eligibility is subject to being the offspring of two citizen parents, Obama is unqualified as his father was a visiting foreign national to attended school in the U.S.

The dispute continues to rage over his birth location, with the latest development in the case an accusation from a Cold Case Posse investigator from Arizona that Hawaii officials are covering up for Obama.

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The suggestion was contained in a sworn affidavit from Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo just a week after the publication of a sworn mathematical analysis demonstrating the near-zero probability that the White House “birth certificate” is genuine.

Also, a math professor from Louisiana State University, Charles Delzell, has confirmed and endorsed the mathematical conclusions in yet another sworn statement.

Zullo, a seasoned sleuth who heads the team deputized by Joe Arpaio, recently re-elected sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., fingers Hawaii’s governor, deputy attorney general and health department chiefs as obstructing justice.

Zullo’s affidavit charges these officials are “hiding” original birth records, thwarting the posse’s hunt for those who forged the document at the White House website.

The department, Zullo reported, “has engaged in what the sheriff’s investigators believe is a systematic effort to hide from law enforcement and the public whatever original 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may have in its possession.”

And he charged that Hawaii officials “changed their policies and procedures in a manner calculated to hinder our law-enforcement investigation.”

In addition to simply refusing to discuss the issue or respond to questions, state officials also have issued contradictory statements. And state lawmakers went so far as to exempt employees from answering questions about the issue.

Zullo’s investigation documents how in 1961, state law allowed Hawaiian parents of children born anywhere in the world to register them as Hawaiian-born, a legalized backdoor to U.S. citizenship. Article II of the U.S. Constitution insists that only a “natural-born citizen” can serve as president.

Zullo’s posse already has reported to the sheriff that two crimes have been committed: first, fraudulently creating a forgery that the White House had characterized, knowingly or unknowingly, as an officially produced governmental birth record; and secondly, fraudulently presenting to the residents of Maricopa County and to the American public at large a forgery that the White House had represented as “proof positive” of Obama’s authentic 1961 Hawaiian long-form birth certificate.

Zullo concludes that the whole question could be settled quickly and decisively if Hawaii would let his forensic specialists examine Obama’s original birth certificate and hospital birth record.

In Zullo’s 16-page statement, he notes that 250 residents of the state asked the sheriff to investigate possible illegalities. But he said virtually all of the pertinent records about Obama have been ordered sealed and Obama’s attorneys have refused access to documents that typically are available regarding presidents.

He notes, among many other issues, why did a biography written by Obama for 17 years boast that he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii?

Other questions:

  • Why have Hawaii officials been unable to get their story straight on the issue
  • Why do officials refuse to answer his questions about Obama’s records?
  • Why has no doctor or nurse ever come forward to talk about the birth?
  • Why was Obama’s first executive order as president instructions to seal his own records from the public?
  • Why are his birth records, baptismal records, adoption records, kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia University thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passports, medical records, files as an Illinois state senator and his Illinois state bar association records all concealed?
  • Why was Hawaii’s governor unable to keep his word when he said he would find Obama’s records and confirm his status?
  • Why are the National Archives records for immigration from 1961 – during the three days around Obama’s birth – missing?
  • Why has nothing been done regarding the law enforcement conclusions that “President Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a computer-generated document; that it was manufactured piecemeal and electronically; and that it did not originate as a copy of a true paper record from a bound volume…”
  • What is the significance of the fact that Obama’s birth record number is out of sequence?

The government petition website suddenly became a news item because residents in all 50 states are petitioning there for permission for their states to leave the union.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has said there is no such right. But historians would note that Thomas Jefferson said states “should separate from our companions only when the sole alternatives left, are the dissolution of our Union with them, or submission to a government without limitation of powers.”

His letter, posted online at Constitution.org, sheds light on the arguments raised on the Obama administration’s online petition site, where dozens of petitions are seeking permission for virtually all of the states to leave the union.

Jefferson wrote about the expansion of power then by the federal government “towards the usurpation of all the rights reserved to the States, and the consolidation in itself of all powers, foreign and domestic; and that too, by constructions which, if legitimate, leave no limits to their power.”

He continued: “Take together the decisions of the federal court, the doctrines of the president, and the misconstructions of the constitutional Compact acted on by the legislature of the federal branch, and it is but too evident, that the three ruling branches of that department are in combination to strip their colleagues, the State authorities; of the powers reserved by them, and to exercise themselves all functions foreign and domestic.”

He targeted the same authority that Obama has cited in his promotion of Obamacare: “Under the power to regulate commerce, they assume indefinitely that also over agriculture and manufactures, and call it regulation to take the earnings of one of these branches of industry, and that, too, the most depressed, and put them into the pockets of the other, the most flourishing of all.

“Under the authority to establish post roads, they claim that of cutting down mountains for the construction of roads, of digging canals, and aided by a little sophistry on the words ‘general welfare,’ a right to do, not only the acts to effect that, which are specifically enumerated and permitted, but whatsoever they shall think, or pretend will be for the general welfare. And what is our resource for the preservation of the Constitution?”

Political debate at that point, reasoned Jefferson, was futile.

“Reason and argument? You might as well reason and argue with the marble columns encircling them. The representatives chosen by ourselves? They are joined in the combination, some from incorrect views of government, some from corrupt ones, sufficient voting together to outnumber the sound parts; and with majorities only of one, two, or three, bold enough to go forward in defiance. ”

And he continued: “[We must] keep ourselves in a situation to profit by the chapter of accidents; and separate from our companions only when the sole alternatives left, are the dissolution of our Union with them, or submission to a government without limitation of powers. Between these two evils, when we must make a choice, there can be no hesitation.”

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