‘Obama is telling kids, f— your parents’

By Drew Zahn

A newly compiled video exposes the chief “anti-bullying” activist endorsed by the Obama administration spewing an obscenity-laced, startling message to “gay” kids in America.

The White House website, under its “Civil Rights” section, includes links and videos recorded by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and others, supporting the mission of “gay” activist Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, an effort to help homosexual teens survive bullying during their teenage years.

But a recent video produced by the Faith Family Freedom Fund reveals Savage has touted the White House’s support as proof the president is backing his shocking message:

“That meant,” Savage says of Obama’s participation in his It Gets Better Project, “the president of the United States was telling queer kids, ‘There’s something wrong with your parents, there’s something wrong with your preachers, there’s something wrong with your teachers, and f— those people!'”

The video reveals Savage further blasting those who believe in Jesus as “spiritually abused,” wishing Republicans would die and referring to politically conservative Christians as “pieces of s—.”

The Faith Family Freedom Fund, which is a super PAC associated with the Family Research Council, or FRC, seeks to hold Obama accountable for its endorsement of Savage’s project.

“President Obama and his administration have opened the door for Dan Savage to students across America under the guise of ‘anti-bullying,'” J.P. Duffy, the FRC’s vice president for communications, told WND. “In reality, President Obama has created a bully czar through his support of Dan Savage.”

Savage’s history as an X-rated sex advice columnist and controversial public school assembly speaker has been well documented, including an incident from earlier this year, when Savage told a group of high school journalism students, “We can learn to ignore the bulls— in the Bible about gay people,” then taunted the teens who stood and walked out of his rant, calling them “pansy a–es” as they left.

But the Faith Family Freedom Fund video also reveals that Savage’s venom toward the Bible, Christians, Republicans and even liberals who don’t vote Democrat runs far deeper. Savage sound bites from the video include the following:

  • “Right-wing, bast—, fundamentalist, conservative, evangelical Christian pieces of s—“
  • “They have the Bibble [sic.]; they don’t have logic.”
  • “I wish [Republicans] we all f—ing dead”
  • “Any progressive who votes for a Green [Party candidate], anymore … is a f—ing idiot and should be beaten with sticks.”

The video itself can be seen below:

(Editor’s warning: Though the obscenities in the video have been bleeped out, viewers should be aware Savage’s comments include strong language.)

In the past, Savage has had sharp words for the FRC, too, and for its president, Tony Perkins.

“Every dead gay kid’s a victory for the Family Research Council,” Savage said, as WND reported. “They argue the gay lifestyle is sick and sinful and dangerous and point to suicides … [then they] do everything in their power to make sure that suicide rate does not come down.

“Tony Perkins sits on a pile of dead gay kids every day when he goes to work,” Savage charged.

The FRC video concludes with the statement: “Parents bullied, churches bullied, science bullied – bullied by Obama’s bully. It’s gotta stop. … On November 6, stop the bullying; stop Obama.”

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