Obama’s GM = China Motors

By Ellis Washington

There is no capitalism or free-trade, as Americans know it, in a Communist dictatorship like China. There’s no democracy either, but none of this troubles the leadership of General Motors. They’ve been courting the Communist Party bosses of Beijing for years.

~ Video: “GM is becoming China Motors”

Are you like me? Are you sick of President Obama at every campaign stop bragging about how he saved GM, how he singlehandedly saved the U.S. auto industry? “Bin Laden dead, GM alive.” This is typical Marxist disinformation on a grand scale, or as Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

After Rick Wagoner was forced out, on Sept. 1, 2010, Dan Akerson was appointed by President Obama as the CEO of GM. At a joint conference in China, which was videotaped but hid by the state-controlled media, Akerson outrageously bragged, “We have 11 joint ventures in China with SAIC and FAW.” What Akerson conveniently failed to tell the American public was that “SAIC is run by the Communist Party government of China, who owns or controls most manufacturing activity including the auto industry.” The video commentary continues, stating, “FAW is another Chinese-owned government manufacturer. What this means is that a corporation saved by the government of America’s democracy has 11 joint ventures with the autocratic, anti-democracy Communist China.”

Akerson further said, “We regard our 11 joint ventures as 11 keys to success, not just in China, but globally. Our commitment to working in China, with China, for China remains strong and focused on the future.”

In 2010, Obama bailed out General Motors with $50 billion in taxpayer funds; Chrysler got $30 billion. GM still owes the American taxpayer $42 billion! How does Obama Motors repay the lavish largess he unconstitutionally stole from the American taxpayers? By leaving the country, of course. GM is currently moving many of its U.S. operations and thousands of jobs to China, according to Glenn Beck Radio on The Blaze Television Network, WND and other major outlets. The world’s largest automobile proving ground in China was built by GM, which has already built and opened 15 plants there, many of which will be making parts for U.S. cars.

Here is how Obama’s socialist/fascist scam works:

  1. Deify yourself, with the help of the state-controlled media, to be some genius, transcendent, messianic figure who can push back the tides, stop global warming, end racism and solve all of America’s socio-economic problems, not by creating new policies and programs, but by repackaging the same old failed Marxist, welfare socialism we experienced 80 years ago under FDR and 50 years ago under LBJ.
  2. With the help of the state-controlled media, demonize all conservatives, Christians and Republicans who have contrary views about socialism as “heartless,” “selfish” and preferring “people to fend for themselves.”
  3. Like your socialist mentors before you – Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Carter – create grand utopian policies like TARP, “Cash for Clunkers” and the Chrysler/GM auto bailout, and, like Mussolini and Hitler did during World War II, with the stroke of a pen confiscate private companies and nationalize them.
  4. Next, defund GM’s stockholders and shareholders.
  5. Then replace GM’s CEO with one of your corrupt, crony hacks, and pass out stock in the “new” company like cheap candy – bribes and payoffs to all Obama’s union-thug buddies that helped him get elected in the first place.
  6. Finally, constantly lie to the American people that your opponent would have allowed GM and Chrysler to “fail.”

Close to 50 percent of the electorate are voting for a naked Marxist and Muslim sympathizer that has bankrupted the greatest nation in the history of the world in large part because of his cult of personality, likeableness and because the Democratic Socialist Party believes that “Obama saved America’s auto industry.”

As a businessman with a sterling reputation, Mitt Romney indeed would have allowed the free market to fix America’s auto industry, not with failed socialist government remedies, but through free-market principles. Romney would have let GM and Chrysler go into bankruptcy, have their debt restructured and dumped those multi-billion-dollar platinum pension plans successive unions in ages past tied around the necks of the auto industry like a millstone – and then reappear as a leaner, meaner more profitable company.

Incidentally, other profitable foreign car manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Honda, Toyota and Kia aren’t burdened with these anti-capitalist union tactics. They are operated in, in essence, “Right to Work” nations. America should join their ranks and remove all these Marxist/communist unions as unnecessary barriers to free-market capitalism.

Dan Akerson, Obama’s handpicked CEO, has made it obvious that chief portions of GM’s manufacturing operation are indeed moving to China and leaving U.S. jobs to wither on the vine.

“Our commitment to working in China, with China, for China remains strong,” Akerson said, then bragged that “Seven out of ten of our vehicles were made outside the United States.” 

GM currently owes U.S. taxpayers over $42 billion in bailout money and concedes that it would be impossible to move so much of its manufacturing to China without using that money. However, GM has repeatedly said that its headquarters will remain in Detroit. Yet, if Obama is re-elected, he has repeatedly promised in his campaign speeches, he will let the Bush tax cuts lapse, which will in effect not only raise taxes on “the rich” but raise taxes on everybody, including the poor, the middle class and on businesses and corporations, beginning Jan. 1, 2013. When that occurs, even the GM headquarters likely will be moved out of Detroit, the city of my birth, to another country. Where?

… to China with love.

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