Although many Americans realized that this week’s election was pivotal, that it could determine the direction of this nation for perhaps generations to come, and possibly whether or not it even survives as a nation, this was apparently not enough. Millions knew that the election would be an affirmation of who we are as Americans, for better or worse – but the outcome unfortunately far more reflected that which we are becoming and the political left’s vision for us.

I am quite certain that voter fraud loomed large in determining that outcome, but I neither possess the technical prowess nor the influence to verify this assessment; suffice it to say that the evidence was present far prior to Election Day. It is also evident that much of the electorate fell prey to the misrepresentations of the Obama campaign and the establishment press.

In other words: Too many voters, as in 2008, didn’t know what they were voting for. They still believe Obama when he says he needs more time to fix America and that he’s sincere about doing so. As difficult as it may be to fathom, they believed him when he said he created jobs. They also believed – as the Obama campaign contended – that Mitt Romney would empower “the rich,” send jobs to China and outlaw abortion in all instances (which he would not have had the power to do anyway, had he won).

Then there’s the RINO factor. Despite the fact that most conservatives were willing to get behind Mitt Romney because they knew the danger Obama represented, many were not. Additionally, the national Republican leadership has not yet learned that if unaffiliated voters don’t see a discernible difference between the candidates, they will go with the devil by whom they feel less threatened, particularly if that devil is an incumbent. Republicans win with conservative candidates (or at least with those who sell themselves as such); they do not win with moderates. Whatever his record, Romney had no credentials as a conservative.

It is time for Americans to dig deep and prepare for the worst. During his first term, Obama enacted, or made overtures toward enacting, everything I anticipated he would. I expect that the economy will continue to deteriorate, as will our standing in the international community. Islamists here and abroad will become bolder, and efforts to stultify this domestically will be met with accusations of racism and intolerance, and occasionally, resistance and prosecution under civil-rights statutes.

Our liberties under the First and Second Amendments in particular will be directly and vigorously attacked under this administration. Illegal immigration will soar, and violence along the southern border will continue to escalate. Energy prices will “necessarily skyrocket” as Obama openly pronounced was his desire. This will include fossil fuels (gasoline), which will translate into skyrocketing prices for everything one can imagine, including food. Should any of this lead to civil unrest, so much the better, as it will give Obama the chance to shore up and perhaps even test his nascent totalitarian infrastructure.

What concerns me as much as the things Obama will do, are the things those who are in a position to oppose him will not do. There are a handful of Republicans in Congress who have attempted to address Obama’s crimes, but they have only been chipping at the periphery. Inasmuch as GOP leaders at large had opportunities to prosecute cases against the administration for its flagrant constitutional abuses and have not done so to date, I have no reason to believe that they will do so now.

I put some of this down to cowardice, but more so to the presence of individuals in the Republican leadership who merely maintain a façade of opposing liberal-socialism in order to hold rank-and-file conservatives in abeyance. They have accepted – or favor – the inevitability of a socialist America, yet reason that we would erupt into full-fledged rebellion were it known that more or less everyone in government has been corrupted. They will milk the productive masses and live like kings. That’s socialism.

This is the reason a Romney victory would have been but a beginning. That is because the only way to preserve the republic – save for civil war – is to be rid of that ruling class of career politicians and their benefactors and reinstate citizen statesmanship. We might still affect this incrementally, but our chances of doing so have just been significantly diminished.

WND founder Joseph Farah and radio host Glenn Beck both had a somewhat Old Testament take on the outcome of this election, something I am also inclined to do. In that book, there are many examples wherein the whole of Israel had to suffer because a preponderance of Israelites insisted upon embracing ungodly things – or ungodly kings.

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