TEL AVIV – In an attempt to elude the Israeli army yesterday, a senior leader of Hamas disguised himself as a journalist by driving a car labeled with “TV” tags, the Israel Defense Forces told WND.

The markings are widely used by reporters here and in the Gaza Strip so security forces can more easily identify journalists working in the field.

The trick didn’t work for Muhammed Shamalah, commander of Hamas forces in the southern Gaza Strip and head of the Hamas militant training programs.

Despite the journalist tags on his vehicle, the Israel Air Force had specific intelligence indicating Shamalah was behind the wheel and took him out in a surgical air strike.

Also yesterday, the Israeli army received information that four senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives took over a floor of a foreign press building in Gaza and used it as a meeting place, clearly risking the lives of all journalists inside.

The IDF issued a warning to reporters to stay away from Hamas, fearing the terror group will continue to attempt to use journalists as human shields.

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