The GOP establishment wanted Mitt Romney. The GOP establishment got Mitt Romney. And the GOP establishment lost with Mitt Romney. It is time to send them packing and wish them well in their future endeavors. The country club-Wall Street GOP is not fit to lead. They dropped the ball. FORWARD for four more years.

Now is the opportune time to begin a new conversation about what kind of country the American people want. We are divided as a nation because selfish interests have taken power from the states, families and individuals. Americans have been forced to desperately compete for control of the federal government because the federal government controls more than it should. It does not have to be this way.

After the 2008 election of Barack Obama, the tea-party reluctantly stuck with the GOP in order to win the 2010 mid-term elections. They won. Tea parties provided a solid base of volunteers for the effort to vote Obama out of office this year. The fear of four more years of Obama’s irresponsible policies ensured the tea-party alliance with the GOP. The election is over, and now the tea party has options.

When the revolt began against George W. Bush’s refusal to secure the borders and his immigration “reform,” no one knew if the American people were ready to re-engage in the running of their government. But the tea party was beginning to simmer. It was the “bailout” of corrupt Wall Street insiders that raised popular sentiment to a boil. The tea party was formed out of revulsion to the Bush oligarchy’s three-decade-long record undermining of Reagan principles. When Obama began to transform the United States, the GOP was given control of the House in 2010; Boehner never stopped wasting money. The case for a new coalition is clear.

Since 1989 the Republicans and the Democrats have traded the presidency and Congress multiple times, but the debt, the government and America’s foreign commitments have grown.

Both parties have neglected American energy independence; either Saudi interests or the confused Green agenda has cost American jobs and endangered American security.

Both parties have failed to develop or implement a coherent national security strategy.

Both parties have failed to control inflation, the Federal Reserve and the anti-constitutional judiciary.

Both parties have failed to secure the border.

Both parties have taken power from the states and the people.

Both parties have taken power from the Congress and given it to the presidency and the bureaucracy.

Both parties have stolen money from Social Security.

Both parties have increased entitlement programs and not paid for existing ones.

Both parties have used government to interfere with personal and family decisions that should be left to private citizens.

Both parties have failed to pursue the interests of American citizens in international disputes, whether child custody disputes or industrial espionage.

Both parties have failed to properly regulate government military contractors.

Both parties have incompetently used the federal government to interfere with education and burden American students with debt.

This conversation must start now; it is two years until the 2014 midterms and four years until the 2016 presidential election. Now is the time to build a new national platform that will appeal to Blue Dog Democrats, moderate libertarians, classical liberals, religious conservatives, fair traders and secure-border supporters: a platform built on the foundational principles recorded in the organic laws of the United States. Let’s talk.

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