Mr. Farah,

Listen, as long as we have the dishonest phony fiat Fed acting as an unlimited checking account for our bloated Frankenstein monster federal government, we WILL continue to have unconstitutional, unlimited government. To expect our prostitute representatives to abide by the Constitution when they have an unlimited checking account is to expect what never was and never will be.

That is why our fascist government hates gold/constitutional money – it limits the size, power and scope of government. Gold says “NO!” to expansionistic government.

Your “No more red ink” campaign focuses on a symptom of the problem (dishonest government money). Honest money would put the country through a much-needed bankruptcy and restructuring-of-government phase resulting in a very downsized federal government.

Without honest money, we will continue this mad rush to fascism. With honest money, “red ink” will naturally disappear. Please, refocus on the root of the problem rather than an inevitable branch.


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