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Limbaugh: ‘Very difficult to beat Santa Claus’
‘I went to bed last night thinking we lost the country’

Israeli official: ‘We will not capitulate before Obama’
President’s re-election means Jewish state must ‘take care of its own’

GOP snatches defeat from jaws of victory
America faces 4 more years under President Obama

Judge Roy Moore wins as Alabama chief justice
Promises to ‘acknowledge God’ just like state constitution

Michele Bachmann squeaks by in Minnesota
Millionaire Jim Graves challenged tea-party favorite

Notes on an election scorecard
Some observations you may have overlooked

Warren pushes Brown out of Kennedy Senate seat
Massachusetts House delegation largely unchanged

GOP Senate takeover falls short
Voting results show Democrats may even gain larger majority

U.S. House expected to stay in GOP hands
Prognosticators say few seats likely to be swapped

Voters pressured to endorse same-sex ‘marriage’
Question pending in 4 more states, after 30 reject it

Virginia: GOP’s Allen sprints to finish
‘We do see much more enthusiasm on our side’

Fraud, intimidation, dirty tricks, outrages
Black Panthers stand guard, GOP officials ejected, Obama’s face at polls

‘Whites-to-hell’ pastor to join Obama
Rev. Lowery to attend Chicago election party

Bolton: GOP prepared for election recount
Veteran sees similarities to Bush-Gore contest

Romney camp smells victory in early returns
Believes Democrats haven’t garnered votes needed



Who blew the chance to dump Obama?
Exclusive: Joseph Farah has a new nickname for GOP’s Karl Rove

Start the impeachment … over Benghazi-gate
Exclusive: Robert Ringer hits ‘Mousy Mitt’ for failure to slam Obama over cover-up

50% of Americans are malicious zombies
Exclusive: Phil Elmore on how Obama voters are akin to the walking dead

Morning in Amerika
Exclusive: Jane Chastain says Obama’s now free ‘to trample on the Constitution’

Prepare for the worst
Exclusive: Erik Rush laments RINO factor that will prevent holding Obama accountable

The suspect numbers coming out of Florida
Exclusive: Jack Cashill notes anomaly in candidates’ totals in Miami-Dade County

Don’t blame Romney
Ann Coulter implicates ‘purist’ conservatives Akin and Mourdock in Willard’s loss

4 more years of The Authoritarian
Andrew Napolitano envisions even more dependence on central government

Now exporting American exceptionalism
Exclusive: Craige McMillan on voters’ choice: ‘Government control it is’

The future of the tea party
Exclusive: Albert Thompson states, ‘Now is the time to build a new national platform’

America pronounces judgment on itself
Exclusive: Joseph Farah on Obama election: ‘It’s time to double-down and fight harder’

The future of the tea party
Exclusive: Albert Thompson states, ‘Now is the time to build a new national platform’

Within the margin of corruption
Exclusive: William Murray warns 1 city’s fraud today could re-elect Barack Obama

Win or lose, Obama was not and is not the president
Exclusive: Christopher Monckton of Brenchley shares affidavit on birth certificate forgery

America’s choice: Freedom or submission
Exclusive: Pamela Geller reviews ways Obama has ‘not been on our side’ in terror war

My election predictions: Was I right?
Exclusive: Molotov Mitchell sounds alarm over jailing of Obama scapegoat

An Electoral College tie?
Exclusive: Albert Thompson paints scenario that would throw contest to Congress

‘Get out the vote’ drives: Immoral!
Exclusive: Barry Farber shouts down practice of taking ‘zombified’ Americans to polls