In the spirit of never letting a crisis go to waste, Sen. Diane Feinstein is attempting to (cough) “improve” the Second Amendment by introducing legislation that would “ban scores of firearms, including military-style ‘assault’ weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devices. It also calls for the creation of a federal register that would require millions of gun owners to be fingerprinted and photographed.”

Effectively this punishes hundreds of millions of law-abiding American citizens for the sins of Adam Lanza. The logic is that ANY gun owner, particularly those who possess (ooooh) scary-looking guns, could be the next tinfoil-hat-wearing nutjob-in-training, just waiting for the opportunity to mow down scores of innocent people.

Feinstein’s proposed legislation is being universally applauded by progressives who believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution is an antiquated and lethal clause that restricts the advancement of universal peace and harmony. I guess the logic is that since bad people like to use guns, then guns make people bad, so if we ban guns, bad people will go away.

Politicians like Feinstein don’t believe Americans need guns. While they might grudgingly concede that once upon a time firearms might have been useful, they believe we’re beyond all that now. We’re advanced and civilized and law-abiding, and therefore no one (except inbred bucktoothed hicks) believes guns have a purpose. Our benign and all-seeing government wants to take away those bad guns for our own safety, and of course it’s for the children. After all, for what nefarious purposes could someone possibly want a scary-looking weapon? It can only be because they’re tinfoil-hat-wearing nutjobs-in-training, just waiting for the opportunity to mow down scores of innocent people.

Diane Feinstein (besides being a raging hypocrite, since she had a concealed carry permit and now has armed bodyguards) knows darned good and well that nearly everyone who possesses the firearms or accouterments listed in her legislation won’t passively turn them in, register them, allow themselves to be fingerprinted or photographed, or otherwise compromise their right to own their guns free and unfettered and un-infringed. She knows that. Rather, her unstated goal is to turn tens of millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens – zap! – into criminals at the stroke of a pen. The government initially won’t “go after” anyone with these newly illegal firearms; but when they want to nail someone for a minor offense, they’ll already have a rap sheet for him. If this legislation passes, then potentially as much as half of America automatically and instantly becomes “domestic terrorists” for possessing illegal weaponry. After all, who but a terrorist would want to possess scary-looking firearms?

Feinstein wisely knows she can’t outright “ban” guns (yet). She knows confiscation is the very worst thing progressives can do because it would literally trigger a shooting war. Rather, progressives are wisely inching along, trimming the Second Amendment here and nipping it there, restricting this clip and that magazine, requiring new or additional registrations or fingerprinting or profiling or background checks or publicizing home addresses or other invasions of privacy. They seditiously teach our children from a young age that anyone who likes firearms must be unstable, anti-American and above all suspicious.

In the same breath they’ll deny that the Second Amendment is being threatened by politicians. And the media will report that anyone who believes the Second Amendment is under attack must be wearing that ubiquitous ol’ tinfoil hat again (with charges of “racism” thrown in, just for fun).

After news of the Newtown shootings hit the airwaves and even before Feinstein got busy, millions of people instantly ran to their nearest gun source and began purchasing firearms and ammunition at a screaming pace (see these before-and-after pictures). They did this because they knew (from experience) how quickly emotion-driven legislation would be introduced that would limit the ability to purchase defensive weaponry. Some have argued that “collectivist media gun grabbers and ‘school shooting doomsday’ fear mongers have managed to do exactly what they hoped NOT to do: They have pushed millions of AR-15s and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition into the private hands of Americans.”

Americans are buying guns because – despite the revisionist history taught in public schools – we know what happens when citizens are disarmed. Over and over again throughout history, foolish and trusting people have ceded their guns to their government and were slaughtered for their efforts. Remember, when you remove peoples’ right to bear arms, you create slaves.

Quite simply, the Second Amendment has become a power struggle between the government and the people. The government wants more power over the people. The people want more power over the government. The only thing that keeps the balance from tipping the wrong way is, in the words of Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto, the presence of a rifle behind every blade of grass. Politicians and progressives refuse to admit that privately owned firearms are the best way to keep this nation peaceful. And free.

Look at it this way. We raise Jersey and Dexter cattle on our farm, both of whom have horns. They are gentle breeds whose biggest interest is grazing peacefully or chewing their cud in the shade of a tree. But let something threaten them, and those horns become their defense. Our cows don’t go looking for trouble. They don’t barge into the neighbor’s property and gore other cows for the fun of it. But if a wolf or a cougar threatens them, then those horns become their personal defense mechanism.

It’s the same with law-abiding, peaceful, armed American citizens. We don’t go looking for trouble; but when something threatens us, those firearms are our personal defense mechanism against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Those who express disgust at our “obsession” with guns misunderstand our concerns about losing the right to stay armed. Sure, firearms are great for hunting and darned nice if they can stop a crime. But that is not why the Second Amendment was written. The Second Amendment has never been about hunting or crime prevention; it’s about keeping our government in check. Why do you think Feinstein and others are so keen to limit our gun ownership? It’s not “for the children.” It’s for them, the government.

Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control. Never forget that.

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