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A squawking harridan

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is the crudest, most crass politician in Washington. For her to go on national television and push her pet political program before the first innocent victim in Newtown was buried is the most indecent political act I have witnessed in quite a while. She apparently has no sense of propriety, no understanding of the issues involved and decidedly no compassion for those who lost loved ones.

Now is the time for grief and mourning. Now is the time to comfort those who are hurting. Now is the time to reach out to those in need. Now is the time to demonstrate love.

Now is not the time for some base, squawking harridan to clamor for the expansion of government power. Emotions are far too high and our knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the tragedy far too incomplete. Time is needed, not only to heal, but to reflect and understand.

As we begin to reflect upon Mrs. Feinstein’s comments it should be noted that those who rail in favor of gun control after these wanton tragedies are the same people who vociferously support unrestricted abortions, and who have self-righteously removed God from our schools. Anything Mrs. Feinstein proposes is thus tainted by her own hypocrisy.

We don’t need more laws. Those families need prayer. Our country needs revival.

Jerry Molaison