(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.)

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Not all black mob riots start with an armed robbery and car chase. But this one did. Just like on TV.

This riot is also on TV: YouTube. Not quite as polished but you get the picture.

The attacks are part of an epidemic of hundreds of cases of black mob violence in more than 80 cities over the last three years, as documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.”

Chicago is Ground Zero for violence and denial. So much so that the riot did not even get that much attention.

It began over the weekend, when police say Jamaal Moore and his crew of four robbed a truck driver at gunpoint – the latest in a series of such robberies in that South Chicago neighborhood.

After a high-speed chase, Jamaal’s car crashed and his four buddies fled. But Jamaal stayed behind. Some say a police cruiser hit him in pursuit – but not hard enough to knock the fight out of him: The six-foot-tall, 200-pound suspect slammed one police officer to the ground twice. Then he went for the other.

She shot him dead as her partner warned he was reaching for a gun.

Despite reports that a gun had been used in the robbery minutes before, a gun was not found on Jamaal.

So far, this was just another day in the life of a big city police department. Then Jamaal Moore’s relatives arrived. Then his friends. Then their friends. Along with neighbors. Hundreds.

Pretty soon everyone was talking about how Jamaal “had been handcuffed by police” when “a white female officer shot him twice in the back,” said the Chicago Defender, a black newspaper that talked to Jamaal’s mother at the scene.

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Jamaal’s sister said her brother “fell on the ground and they say the police hopped on him, and when he tried to roll the police off of him the lady (officer) shot him.”

A video at the scene shows at least one person re-enacting the scenario. The rest of the video shows some of the violence that ensued.

The 23-year old Jamaal was a good person, said his mom. “Yes, he’s gotten into some trouble but he did not deserve this,” she told the Defender.

His life was short, but his rap sheet was long: Full of convictions involving robbery and violence, including a 2006 conviction for armed robbery.

Relatives confronted police about what the police superintendent says is a false narrative. Jamaal was not handcuffed, said Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy – the same superintendent who told a crowd at a black church that Sarah Palin was responsible for Chicago’s gun violence.

And who one year later blamed “the pilgrims.”

McCarthy’s sympathy for the 400 years of oppression that apparently has driven black people in Chicago to take up arms did little to pacify this crowd: “Why did y’all do that?” shouted one person in the face of a police officer. “F— y’all. Where is the justice for the black people? We are tired of crackers like y’all killing us.”

Others joined in more expletive-filled rants directed at police officers.

Then the riot started.

Hundreds of angry black people attacked police. They also threw rocks, bricks and bottles at them.

Five were arrested on various riot-related charges.

One of the five made a gesture with his thumb and index finger that resembled shooting a gun and “verbally threatened to shoot police,” said the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago police say officers on patrol in that South Chicago neighborhood often see that hand sign, along with people shouting: “CCK. CCK.”

Chicago Cop Killer.

Comments to the story at the two major daily papers in Chicago were disabled, as they often are for crimes of mob violence in black neighborhoods.

But over at WGN, readers reacted:

“This appears to be a man of color being profiled as a criminal,” said a person identified as krmusachgo. “As for the female officer – If you are afraid of physical contact in a very physical job, you should not be a police officer. The only weapon noted in this story is that officer’s – and she was not even touched by the victim. I know a cover-up story when I read one.”

Sharong4 agreed that racism was to blame: “Whites have always committed murders and some of them got a slap on the back. Look at what happened to Emitt Till. Now all of a sudden it is a ghetto problem.”

The Second City Cop blog kept it real. Here is how this site – so popular with Chicago police – described the action:

“Officers in a pursuit after known subjects. Car chase, crash, three (sic) subjects get away, but one slow one decides he will literally pick up a police officer and slam him to the ground. Yeah, that’s completely normal by every stretch of the imagination. And then the neighborhood shows up, not because they’re outraged that the animals they’ve raised are running amok, sticking up truck drivers. They’re mad he got caught and shot for acting like the animal he was raised to be.

“Again, completely normal and acceptable behavior in certain segments of Chicago, with next to no media coverage and nary a word from the supposed community leaders, ‘reverends’ and politicos.”

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