When Henry Morris and John Whitcomb published “The Genesis Flood” in 1960, the concept of belief in a six-day creation and global flood in the time of Noah had been relegated to fringe thinking – helped in no small measure by the apostate pastor Harry Emerson Fosdick and the Scopes Trial a generation earlier.

Decades later, after a lifetime spent in research, Henry Morris could well lay claim to the title of “Father of the Modern Creation Movement.” His landmark work and Christian demeanor made him a rare individual: a culture warrior who was also a very nice man.

So it is that just a few years after his passing, I’m ecstatic about “The Henry Morris Study Bible,” published by the world’s leading publisher of creationist material, Master Books.

Henry would be very pleased.

Besides the usual features found in the most elegant Bible commentaries (concordance, introductions to the testaments, etc.), “The Henry Morris Study Bible” has some sections not found anywhere else:

  • The creationist faith of our Founding Fathers.
  • A creationist defense of the King James Bible.
  • Bible-believing scientists of the past.
  • Extensive discussion of prophecy and “internal designs” of the Bible.

My copy is genuine leather and is Smyth-sewn binding. Master Books spared no expense in producing what I believe to be the finest Bible commentary on the market.

One of the things I like about Henry and this study Bible is the fact that he didn’t mind going against the tide. He didn’t mind being a “fool” for Christ, in that while the worldview that embraces a literal six-day creation of the world is not popular, he understood the significance. You’ll find plenty of Henry’s lucid explanatory notes that will enhance the faith of believers and give seekers much, much food for thought.

In a radical (yet profoundly significant) way, he opens the possibility that generations of evolutionary teachers and students have been deceived in the most diabolical way.

He opens up this line of discussion with an earth-shattering claim in Appendix 4, VII: “The Flood Theory of Geology”: “If the geological ages did not actually take place, as the biblical record clearly stipulates, then the vast geological systems must be explained some other way – especially the billions of fossils in the rocks of the earth’s crust. The obvious explanation is the Genesis record of the flood.”

There you have it: an alternate, horribly wrong story of origins takes people far from God’s Word. “The Henry Morris Study Bible,” however, points the way back to truth, ultimate reality, and the fate of the individual.

As Henry wrote in the introduction to Genesis: “In a very real sense, the Book of Genesis is the most important book in the world, for it is the foundation upon which all the other 65 books of God’s written Word have been based. When Jesus Christ, after His resurrection, gave a key Bible study to His disciples on the way to Emmaus, He began with Genesis!”

And in his note for Genesis 2:1: “The strong emphasis in these verses on the completion of all of God’s creating and making activity is a clear refutation of both ancient evolutionary pantheism and modern evolutionary materialism, which seek to explain the origin and development of all things in terms of natural processes and laws innate to the universe. Creation is complete, not continuing (except in miracles, of course; if evolution takes place at all, it would require continuing miraculous intervention in the present laws of nature).”

And so it goes. Besides providing clear descriptions of the importance of creationist doctrine, Henry also provided devastating proof to the critics that the Bible is in fact the very Word of God, not simply a collection of books about God.

Take the “Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecies” in Appendix 13. Now, I’ve studied Bible prophecy a good long while, but learn something new from Henry whenever I study his notes on the subject. In this area, he set himself apart from other apologetics researchers, because to him, “last things” (eschatology) were just as important as “first things.” Although Henry Morris is known far and wide for his creationist writings and teachings, it is a lesser-known fact that he looked forward with great anticipation to the Day of the Lord.

He also includes a section on “Alleged Scientific Mistakes” you will find quite fascinating!

In truth, there are so many outstanding, faith-building features in “The Henry Morris Study Bible,” you will be truly amazed. With the strongest possible recommendation, I urge you to get a copy of this study Bible, both for yourself and for your friends and family. With Christmas approaching, there’s still time to give an exceedingly wonderful gift that will have eternal consequences.

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