WASHINGTON – A new study by the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform reveals illegal aliens in Oregon cost tax payers more than $1 billion annually.

That translates into $700 that each Oregon resident pays for state services to illegal aliens.

The study, titled “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Aliens on Oregonians (2012)”, shows that each Oregon taxpayer must contribute $700 annually to pay for the education costs, English language training, prison incarceration, law enforcement and health care for illegal aliens.

The study shows that K-12 education demands much of the money, some $575 million.  goes to Supplemental English Education costs another $159 million; justice and law enforcement, including policing and court costs, is $140 million; while Oregon taxpayers pay $125 million for health care to be provided to illegal aliens.

The study also finds that illegal aliens only pay $77 million in taxes, or 7.3 percent of the total expenditures. FAIR explains, “Illegal aliens pay relatively little in taxes, mainly because of their low earnings.”

It is estimated that there are 170,000 illegal aliens residing in Oregon and about 64,000 state dependent children that were born in the United States, according to the study.

The information comes on the heels of a new study from the University of Oregon, as reported by the Eugene Registered Guard, that Oregon’s economic “recovery continues to be sluggish” with unemployment at a staggering 8.7 percent.

Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber, meanwhile, has declared that Oregon will accept identification cards as legitimate identification during traffic stops and for other police affairs and he has pushed for granting drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

Dan Stein, president of FAIR, said, “While states lack the authority to regulate immigration, there are many things that they can do to discourage illegal aliens from settling within their jurisdictions.”

He said that in recent years, “other states have demonstrated that sensible policies can reduce the illegal alien population and associated costs.”

“Unfortunately, Oregon officials seem to be opting for policies that will add significantly to the current $1 billion in costs each year borne by state taxpayers.”

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