With all the talk of secession, the withdrawing from the Union, it occurred to me – who are the real secessionists and who are the loyalists?

What is the foundation, the basis of the Union? Is it not the Constitution and its Bill of Rights? This is what all representatives swear to protect and defend from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Therefore, when a representative or anyone who is hired by those representatives does not execute their obligation and duty to protect and defend the Constitution, who has withdrawn, who has seceded from this Union?

If the Constitution was set up to limit the power of the federal government established in Washington, D.C., but there is a long train of evidence and clear abuse of the limits set forth in the Constitution, then who has seceded from the Constitution and become the lawbreakers?

Therefore, we as loyalists to the Constitution should vote to determine if we should arrest the insurgent lawbreakers or permit Washington, D.C., to secede in a peaceful manner. In addition, we should allow any state the freedom to choose; remain with the secessionist movement and anti-constitutional insurgents in Washington, D.C., or remain loyalist to the Constitution and Union.

Any state (loyalist state) that votes to allow Washington, D.C., to peacefully secede shall meet post haste with all loyalist states to determine the best location for the new capital of the United States and its constitutionally limited government. I suggest North Dakota.

R. Robin

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