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Mobster uses 'letters from Obama' to sway court

(New York Post) This mobster is the scam artist-in-chief.

A longtime Gambino crime-family associate tried to convince a judge he’s politically connected to avoid a harsh sentence — claiming a mass-mailing from President Obama proves he has pals in the Oval Office.

Anthony “Tony O” O’Donnell is awaiting sentencing on Dec. 18 on federal charges of shaking down owners of Sitt Asset Management, a Manhattan real-estate investment firm.

His lawyer yesterday filed 17 pages of cookie-cutter thank-you letters from politicians as part of the mobster’s sentencing memorandum, which usually includes notes from well-meaning acquaintances.

“Anthony, I’m about to go to speak to the crowd here in Chicago, but I wanted to thank you first,” read an election night e-mail from the president’s campaign headquarters, which was also sent to millions of other supporters.