With almost three months elapsed since the September terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, a group of special operations veterans is tired of the delay in answers from the Obama administration and is demanding action.

“We view the events in Libya as sort of a jigsaw puzzle that’s been dumped out of the box on to the table, and there’s a heck of a lot of pieces that need to be put together to reveal the big picture,” said retired U.S. Air Force Col. Dick Brauer, co-founder of Special Operations Speaks.  “Unfortunately, this puzzle box had no picture on it so we’re trying to actually figure out what is the truth behind what really happened.”

Special Operations Speaks is insisting that Attorney General Eric Holder choose a special prosecutor to get to the heart of the story in Benghazi – and not just any special prosecutor.  The veterans want a Republican, whom they argue would provide the best chance for a full and honest investigation.

“The only way we can do this is to put pressure on Congress, we feel, to get Eric Holder and the Justice Department to appoint an independent counsel – a Republican independent counsel – because I’m afraid Eric Holder might put the fox in the hen house so to speak, and we would never get the truth,” Col. Brauer told WND’s Greg Corombos. “But the truth has got to come out as to why we let these people die.”

So what are some of the “puzzle pieces” for which Brauer demands answers? Brauer said there’s still no explanation for why the repeated requests for more security in the weeks before the attack were denied.  He wants to know why no air support came while the attacks in Benghazi were unfolding.  Most of all, he wants to know who gave the order to “stand down” to U.S. forces and even two of the men who lost their lives.

“All forces were readily available to go to the aid of the ambassador and his staff – Special Forces strike teams, battalion of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, Special Forces teams in Africa, even the Navy and the Air Force fighters and AC-130 gunships,” Brauer said. “The questions arise as to why those forces weren’t launched.”

Brauer is especially incensed at the lack of support for Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

“Specifically, the wild cards in all this were the two Navy SEALs, Woods and Doherty, who came to rescue, who did what SEALs do and what warriors are trained to do and that’s run to the sound of the guns.  They were told specifically to stand down,” Brauer said.  “That term was used several times, ‘Stand down.  Don’t do anything.’ Why? Why were they told that? One of the SEALs was designating with a laser designator, painting a target and calling for a gunship. I expect the gunship was nearby if not overhead and they were probably told not to fire. That’s my opinion, but somebody was close by. Otherwise that SEAL would have never lasered the target and spotted on a mortar. That was the mortar that killed him as soon as he did that, so he was expecting support that he never got.”

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