Rush Limbaugh

This week, Limbaugh’s attention was focused on the violent union response to Michigan’s right-to-work legislation. He put these shocking attacks down to Democratic union members who are “desperate to hold on to their ‘freebies'” (FREE audio).

Rush also contended that “union dues are a Democrat money laundering operation” (FREE audio).

“For example, in Wisconsin, 90 percent of the stimulus money in Wisconsin went to unions, public sector unions. … Teachers didn’t lose their jobs, while everybody else did,” Rush explained. “And since they kept their jobs, they continued to pay dues. And the dues are what end up being donated back to the Democrat Party or used by the union to fund advertising to elect Democrats.”

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage told listeners the story of Hanukkah and explained what this ancient Jewish festival can teach modern people of all faiths.

Reflecting on the miraculous holy oil that burned for eight nights, Savage explained (FREE audio), “No matter how distraught we may feel, no matter how wrecked we may believe we are, there is always a small amount of ‘holy oil’ left within all of us, which can be reignited and carry us through the darkest hour.”

Speaking of light, Savage mocked Obama’s “investments” in “green energy,” joking that these “windmills to nowhere … barely generate enough energy to light a candle for the cost of about a million dollars” (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Many are familiar with the economics behind the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, but what about the legal ramifications?

Hannity was joined by longtime Democratic operative Lanny Davis and Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law & Justice. The two agreed on one thing: All Americans will end up paying higher taxes, no matter which side “wins” the day (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Listeners helped select the Top 10 “most spiked” news stories of the year, those that were ignored by the mainstream media, or covered in the most biased manner.

Klein – who is based in Israel – talked about what’s really happening in East Jerusalem regarding the construction of new “settlements” and speculated that Obama wants the economy to collapse on purpose, so he can usher in even more draconian, “progressive” policies (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Speaker John Boehner has been called a lot of things, but “Monty Hall” probably isn’t one of them – until Mark Levin compared him to the game show host on the air this week.

Boehner is “Mr. Let’s Make a Deal,” quipped Levin, “but without Monty Hall’s intelligence” (FREE audio).

Levin also explained why large portions of Obamacare could end up being tossed out. It depends upon how many governors will refuse to expand Medicaid coverage, he said, and whether the Republican controlled House of Representatives is willing to put the brakes on this entitlement program, “which already takes up almost 50 percent of the redistribution of wealth, that is, all federal transfers.”

Laura Ingraham

The long time radio host is returning to the airwaves.

Laura Ingraham has a new syndication partner, and will be broadcasting from WTNT in Washington, D.C., in the new year. The three-hour show will also be available as an on-demand podcast.

“I’m humbled by the outpouring of affection from my listeners over the past few weeks,” Ingraham said in her official announcement.

Glenn Beck

Beck took a break from politics to expound on the importance of family and friends – and beloved pets.

Beck says his German Shepherd, Victor, has stood guard over his family for ten years. Now the tables are turned and the Becks are caring for Victor as “his body is failing him” (FREE audio).

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