Rush Limbaugh

Bestselling author Mark Steyn sat in for Rush Limbaugh on New Year’s Eve, seeing off 2012 with his frank analysis of the official report on the murder of four American diplomats in Benghazi: “[It] is a perfect microcosm of what is wrong with American money-is-no-object government. The so-called FAST guys got there 27 hours after everything had happened. That’s how ‘fast’ they are. But they got the cool acronym! I’ll bet the badges look good, too. … The Americans from Tripoli who landed at Benghazi airport to go and rescue their compatriots were held at the airport by Libyan forces – mysteriously – for something like three-and-a-half hours. Why was no one in Washington on that?”

Rush returned after the Christmas break and relished the chance to go after Al Gore for selling his Current TV enterprise to Al Jazeera (FREE audio): “I wonder does this mean [Current TV hosts] Joy Behar and Jennifer Granholm are now going to have to wear burkas and veils over their faces? If they do, it might help raise audience levels.”

Michael Savage

“I hate hypocrisy. It drives me crazy,” Dr. Savage told listeners, when he found out how actor Leonardo DiCaprio spent New Years Eve.

“So over the weekend we see pictures of him on a mega-yacht in Sydney Harbor with a bunch of topless sluts,” Savage said, mocking DiCaprio’s self-aggrandizing campaign against “global warming” while he flies around the world on a private jet (FREE audio).

Not all celebrities are beneath contempt, however. Savage praised Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins, who some African-American pundits have actually condemned “not being black enough.”

Griffin, explained Savage, “is hated by people who say he’s ‘not really black,’ because he has a white fiancé and he has conservative politics. So they don’t like him.”

However, Dr. Savage added, a well-rounded young man like Griffin is just “what we need in the world of athletics” (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Bob Woodward talked to Hannity about his new book, “The Price of Politics,” which looks at Obama’s battle with the Republicans to try to improve the economy.

Talking about the fiscal cliff talks, Woodward observed, “It’s ‘Groundhog Day.’ The question is, who’s playing Bill Murray? It’s such a repetition: It’s the same players, at the same seats, at the same table” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

In the wake of Obama’s reelection and the relative weakness of the Republicans, Aaron Klein wonders if Americans are finally ready to consider a third party? Klein offered suggestions for what such a party’s platform might look like.

Klein finished out the year by unveiling his choice for “the biggest lie of 2012” and revealing the latest “progressive” threat to the Constitution. On a lighter note, comedian Jackie Mason came on to rant about gun control and “old guys making love” (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Levin took a break from broadcasting over the holidays but wrote about the fiscal cliff negotiations on his Facebook page, right after the final deal was struck.

“Negotiations in secret. Most of Congress not involved,” Levin wrote. “No spending reductions, or at least not of any consequence. So taxes will go up, spending will up, borrowing will go up and we will be told that ‘the adults’ have finally reached a ‘deal.’ Wall Street will cheer. Welfare recipients will cheer. The media will cheer. … And we, the people, or at least tens of millions of us, will be mere spectators in the whole d— affair, while we are told this is all being done for our well-being.

“What a complete disaster!”

Glenn Beck

Many were shocked by the news that Al Gore’s faltering Current TV channel had been purchased by Al Jazeera.

Even more surprising was Glenn Beck’s revelation that he’d considered buying the Gore media property first and had even submitted a higher bid – but the higher ups at Current TV told him, “Our legacy is too important, and there would be quite frankly be too many people, too many friends that the vice president would have to explain why he’s selling to Glenn Beck” (FREE audio).

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