WASHINGTON – An advocate for legal immigration, contending an unrestricted flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. isn’t in the country’s national interest, is blasting a GOP “amnesty” plan by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

As the White House presses for immigration “reform” that would create a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, Rubio has begun introducing parts of his plan incrementally.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article,he elaborated on his plan for a pathway to citizenship that would screen out criminals, increase worksite enforcement provisions, boost the number of seasonal work visas for agricultural workers and tighten border security.

Bob Dane, the communications director of Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, told WND that Rubio is just recycling old ideas.

“There literally is nothing novel to his proposals. Rubio is trying to triangulate all of these competing special interests that want to be at the table,” he said. “It really is just Groundhog Day, it is a sequel of 2007”

The organization’s statement on Rubio’s plan said the senator “described the exact same eligibility requirements found in the 2006 and 2007 amnesty bills.”

Dane said Rubio is getting pressured from “the business lobby and the Chamber of Commerce” to support an amnesty plan, because those groups are leading the charge for cheap labor.

Additionally, he said, “The Republicans are operating under this false premise that they need to capture the Hispanic [vote] via amnesty.”

The Rubio plan, however, has been drawing some support from conservatives, with radio and TV host Sean Hannity saying, “I got to be honest. I think it’s probably the most thoughtful bill that I have heard heretofore.”

Additionally, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said on his Facebook page, “Senator Rubio is exactly right on the need to fix our broken immigration system. I support the principles he’s outlined.”

Dane is baffled.

“The Republicans have an opportunity to revitalize their core constituency by demonstrating that they understand the people’s concern with mass immigration and its impact on the jobs market,” he said.

He also noted the growing skepticism from many conservatives over the Republican fixation with reaching out to Hispanic voters.

“If they pander to Hispanics they will wind up empty-handed, by never getting the support of Hispanics and losing support from conservatives,” Dane said.

“The Republicans are setting the stage of their own destruction,” Dane warned.

He said if Republicans support Rubio’s plan, it will do four things.

“Firstly, it will split the party between the more conservative elements and the more establishment elements. Secondly, it will alienate the working class away from the Republican Party. Thirdly, the Republican Party will never get any credit for granting amnesty, and it will not endear Hispanics to them. The Democrats will steal the credit, claim victory and it will be a victory for them and the Republicans will look like they caved to the Democrats.”

And finally, he said, the Republicans will be “importing” themselves out of office, because “the overwhelming majority of illegals are government-dependent,” hence, according to Dane, they have no connection with the message or platform of the Republican Party and will vote for the Democrats all the time to keep their government benefits coming.

Dane said it appears April is when the debate over amnesty will start, and he hopes Republicans and Democrats will move away from supporting amnesty.

He said it’s possbile the plan “could ironically be that the bill gets loaded down with so much enforcement that the Democrats vote against it.”

Additionally, Dane said, “With this high unemployment it is going to be difficult to convince the working class why they should support candidates that favor the importation of cheap labor” that will displace their jobs.”

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., recently said he expects the Senate Judiciary Committee for the 113th Congress to be working this spring on “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Dane said the actual solution is rather simple.

“All we really need to do is just enforce our current laws and give a mandatory e-verify,” he said.

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