Caesar Obama’s priorities

By Joseph Farah

I don’t know why I waste my breath any more.

For four years I’ve been telling Americans they elected a very bad joke to the White House, but, by hook or by crook, they allowed him to be re-elected for another four years.

That’s the sad truth.

If I could stop writing about Barack Obama, I gladly would. For instance, I haven’t mentioned in months that, by his own admission, he is ineligible to hold office. No one cares.

But now he is coming after our guns.

One month after a tragic mass murder in Newtown, Conn., Obama exploited the deaths of children to launch a frontal assault on the Constitution. By the way, had the parents and community of Newtown properly armed themselves against wackos like the one who committed that heinous crime, all those children would be alive today.

But Obama blames the guns, not the sicko who killed the kids.

Obama blames the guns, not the irresponsibility of a community that fails to protect its children.

Obama blames the guns, even though every action he has taken to date to restrict guns would not have made any difference at Sandy Hook.

But, I digress. As mad as I am about Obama’s fundamental attack on the Constitution, on common sense, on reason and on the values that have made America great, I am not talking about guns today.

I’m talking about Obama’s priorities.

What do you suppose Americans care most about in 2013?

My guess, given how fat, lazy, immoral and stupid most Americans are, is that they care most about jobs.

It’s understandable. It’s predictable. They want someone to give them a job. It doesn’t matter who it is. Americans will do just about anything. They will work for the government. They will work for unions. They will take money for doing nothing without shame, or they will work for a private employer as long as he doesn’t demand too much.

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. That’s all we heard about during the presidential campaign – from both parties.

More than two years ago, Obama set out to create jobs, the way any know-nothing bureaucrat who never really held one outside of government or community activism would. He set up a “jobs council.”

I don’t know if anyone actually expected this “jobs council” to create jobs, but, of course, it has not.

In fact, this “jobs council,” officially dubbed “The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness,” has not even convened for an official meeting in all that time.

The “distinguished panel” of 26 members last met Jan. 17, 2012 – and it hasn’t held another meeting since!

But it gets even better.

The “jobs council” is set to expire at the end of the month!

Is that not a metaphor for the entire Obama administration thus far?

It’s all smoke and mirrors – empty promises.

Now, I never had any illusions that a “jobs council” could actually produce any jobs (though I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this non-attentive bureaucracy has actually hired a few no-show employees).

The group met four times in total before Jan. 17, 2012, but, as presidential spokesmouth Jay Carney explained during the campaign last fall, Obama didn’t have time to meet the council. He was too busy campaigning.

How did this guy get re-elected?

He got re-elected because there was virtually no opposition.

America has become a de facto one-party state.

There is no choice.

There is no opposition even in the House of Representatives controlled by what we euphemistically refer to as the other party.

There is only a token watchdog press.

America has, for all intents and purposes, a state-controlled media.

That’s why Obama can attack the Constitution with impunity, while fiddling as the country burns, just like Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

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