Don’t fall for the ‘Obama-Hitler-Stalin’ trap!

By Barry Farber

They didn’t award him a patent, but I appreciated his work nonetheless. I mean the guy who invented an 11-foot pole so you could touch people and things you wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

Do you know what a “trap” play is in football? It’s a trick the team with the ball uses to open up a hole in the defensive line. One offensive lineman deliberately “misses” his block when the play opens. That destabilizes the defender as he lunges in to tackle the ball-carrier making him easy to take out of the play. That’s why coaches warn defensive linemen, “If the going seems too easy, drop to your knees and grab the first man whose jersey isn’t the same color as yours.”

The late comic and college defensive lineman Jerry Clower admits he fell for the trap quite often. “There’s no feeling in football more dismaying,” said Clower, “than lying there on the ground and watching the guy you were supposed to tackle running down the field, and the numerals on the back of his jersey are getting smaller and smaller!”

This is a blanket warning to all who oppose Barack Obama. Something’s come up which is so bewitchingly tempting I’m fighting to keep from falling for it myself. It’s toxic. It will strengthen Obama’s grip on the public and, if any further strengthening is possible, on the media. I’m willing to stand up in a crowded theater and yell, “Trap!”

There they were, all over the Internet, pictures of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Barack Obama. And what gained America’s president admission to that unholy trinity? All three, you see, disarmed their populations – or, in Obama’s case, intended to or wanted to!

Don’t go there!

I am personally as opposed to this president as I can arrange to get. I understand the irresistible temptation of the fragrance wafting off the bait in the trap. “At last!” your instinct says, “somebody’s got the guts to say it in plain words. ‘Obama, Hitler, Stalin’! Let’s pick that up. Let’s pass that around. Let’s go inter-galactic viral with it. Let’s mess Obama up real bad!”

Do it, and you’re going to mess us up; not him. You don’t need elections to win or lose. Will Chuck Hagel be confirmed as our new secretary of defense and will the secretary of janitorial services thereupon tell us how much blood remained on the Senate floor after the vote? Will America’s states themselves sink “Obamacare”? In a way, every day is Election Day. None more so than, “Will Obama’s assault of the Second Amendment by executive order succeed?”

Many of us believe the last election had “inaccuracies,” game-changing inaccuracies. There is fear and hatred against Obama in many quarters. There’s also great love and admiration. Whose side are you on?

Linking Obama with Hitler and Stalin will, indeed, win them over, provided they’re sufficiently stupid. It is thoroughly possible to be: a) the worst president in American history; b) a dreadful fraud and a liar; c) a deliberate saboteur of America’s well-being; d) a blood-drainer of America’s military capacity; e) a friend of America’s most dangerous enemies and an enemy of America’s most valuable ally in the Middle East; f) the kind of narcissist whose personal priorities could endanger American security … need I go on? It’s possible to be all those and many more and still fall far short of ranking up there with the two most murderous and evil dictators of the last century.

Some Americans are already calling for a “third term” for Obama. Others are calling for impeachment. I seek enlargement of the anti-Obama segment of the American population. I fear the Hitler-Stalin play will bring additional people to Obama’s side, people disgusted with Obama’s enemies’ willingness to jettison all sense of proportion.

Here’s the real question: If given a chance, how close would Obama come to the Hitler-Stalin style of totalitarian atrocity? Stay tuned.

I was proud to befriend the last surviving member of the cast of “Gone With the Wind.” Remember Butterfly McQueen, the falsetto-voiced black actress who didn’t “know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies!”?

That happened to be Butterfly’s real voice. Every phone call from her made me laugh, but especially the one when she protested, “I did a voiceover commercial, and they told me I’d get paid in 21 days, and 21 days later I still wasn’t paid, and I waited and waited. After at least another 21 days they told me I’d have to start all over and wait still another 21 days. Do you hear me, they said another 21 days!

That’s genocide!

It could be anything from incompetence to racist, Dear Butterfly. I don’t think you’ll get a jury to vote genocide; but I know they’d get a big laugh.

This president is bad enough without stretching. My guess is, he will stumble and fail in his agenda by overreaching.

I, as a foe of this president and a friend of the Second Amendment, will not get my tail over the dashboard and overreach first!

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