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Dr. Whiner

[To Dr. Lee Hieb:] What a whiner. I mean, really! [“Higher taxes are killing people … literally”] I am sooooo tired of hearing rich people complain.

You had the benefit and luxury of brains, which enabled you to get through medical school. Fifty percent of a person’s success is environment. So you obviously had a “rich” environment growing up. Educated parents and/or mentoring/encouraging parents. Guess what? Most households in America don’t have either! Like mine!

I also pray that your children had “parents.” Most people in your profession have little time to raise children, which makes the point of having children really stupid. It’s not logical. Why make your children suffer for something they didn’t do? It does make sense, however, if one of the parents can stay home while the other is a doctor. Or one of the parents has just a part-time job, thereby not jeopardizing parenting time.

Even though you are at the “low end of the rich ladder,” having more money than most gives you opportunities the rest of us can never dream of. You have the money to pay for someone to clean, grocery shop, do tasks, tax preparation, financial advice, etc. The rest of us don’t.

And above all, you are HEALTHY! No one who studies for a law degree, medical school, or the Olympics suffers from health issues. In each of these three cases, and others, you have to be healthy nearly 100 percent of the time to be in peak mental (or physical) performance.

So stop your complaining and whining and thank God you have what you have, every day!

Brian Miller