How will homosexuality change the Boy Scouts?

By Linda Harvey

So your 11-year old Boy Scout may go on that camp out next summer with a new Scout leader, one allowed to declare himself “gay” to his troop under a permissive rule change being unveiled by the Boy Scouts. What happened to their oath to be morally straight? It’s apparently being discarded in the new progressive Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

This whole new ballgame will come with many surprises. It’s about more than the adults in charge and potential abuse. The kids themselves bring a whole new threat level, mostly to other kids. Does the BSA have a grasp on how serious this could become? Parents and churches are likely to flee in droves.

On network news, James Dale said he doesn’t think the proposed new policy goes far enough. He lost his case to force this deviance on the Boy Scouts at the Supreme Court in 2000. Not satisfied that each local troop may be able to decide about “sexual orientation” for itself, Dale would prefer a mandate – in other words, no tolerance and no choice for families with traditional values. They can choose to leave the BSA, which no doubt many will.

Well, at least the lawyers in the country will get more business.

What might this mean for your son? First, there’s the long-standing concern about pedophilia. The Boy Scouts have a policy against adult abuse, and, of course, the U.S. has laws in all states against child molestation. So the BSA may foolishly think this removes the threat. Apparently they are being persuaded inaccurately that homosexuality is a neutral, inborn orientation. And as we’ve heard the argument many times, there are supposedly more child molesters of both males and females who identify as heterosexual than homosexual.

The Scouts’ undisclosed files may show many cases where boys were molested by adult males who did not identify openly as homosexuals.

But this begs the questions of defining “homosexual,” defining “pedophilia,” defining “heterosexual” and defining “consent.” Labels aren’t always adopted to fit one’s behavior, and definitions are squishy in an America of unstable sexual mores. Because of that, the BSA has really stepped in it.

It’s one thing to violate a known standard. It’s quite another to take advantage of a redefined standard with blurred lines, giving potential abusers much more ready access to boys, no matter what they have to call themselves to do so.

This new policy introduces homosexual attraction into the troop environment where previously sex separation kept that complication out of the character development of these young men. If homosexual identity is allowed, you also open the door to same-sex flirting, innuendo, “dating.” What about the 25- year-old homosexual Scout leader and a 14-year-old Scout? What about the 14-year-old Scout and a 12-year-old? What about two openly homosexual adult leaders who display their attraction for each other in front of all the boys? And so on. And with males, attraction quickly goes to the sexual level. But now, that’s OK.

The developing young man is often vulnerable, some more than others. A now openly homosexual Scout leader may show special interest in your son and become a hero in his eyes. The confusion your son may feel could be enormous. In spite of the first aid knowledge, camping experience, coaching ability or leadership qualities this “gay” leader shows, all the boys will still know him by this identity: “I’m a guy attracted to other guys.” It’s something the Bible (along with our common sense) tells us is immoral and unnatural. But your son is going to be manipulated emotionally by the huge lie of its seeming respectability.

Christian parents better decide: Do you really want your son to believe the word of God on this, or is God’s law dispensable? It’s one level of values-assault for your child to sit in the class of the openly homosexual sixth-grade teacher. But the guy who takes your son on a camp out is a whole other level of intimacy.

And then there are the other kids. No doubt the BSA assault files show evidence of boy-on-boy episodes, but now there will be a flood of new incidents. Some high school and middle school boys will declare themselves openly “gay” to their troop, and if the troop isn’t cool with that, here comes the brutal “gay” activist mob to arm-twist them into compliance.

After all, for over a decade, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, GLSEN, has been pushing kids at school to “out” themselves at younger and younger ages and form clubs to encourage this atrocity. GLSEN is likely to adopt this issue as its next attempt at legitimacy: Tell your Scout troop “who you are!” (i.e., you think sodomy among boys is a good thing.) And don’t let them get away with silence on this element of social justice, this “civil right” in your troop! Report those troops that don’t comply! After all, it’s a “discrimination” issue.

And so the vulgar and unhinged hordes from the Internet will be unleashed on the unprepared local United Methodist church-based troop leader, who will in most cases cave, grossly violating the protection he should be giving to the boys in his charge.

Like the ejection of the military ban on homosexual conduct, all this brings up new challenges, explosive ones. But unlike the military, these are children. God help us.

So will two 13-year-old boys in a troop who “like” each other be allowed to hold hands at meetings? To sleep in adjacent sleeping bags at a camp out? And then, what happens when inevitably some newly empowered homosexually declared youth puts the moves on a boy who finds it disgusting? Fights? Division, as friends take sides? Of course! These are boys.

Unlike school, that boy and his parents have the option to leave. But he may still have to encounter these same abusive kids at school. It’s not a fun thing to be labeled a “hate-filled bigot” or whatever new iteration of tradition-bashing is rolled out. Institutionalized intimidation and bullying, all in the name of sodomy, will be even more damaging than it currently is in the military.

Once again, children are sacrificed on the altar of progressive values.

My prayer is that the BSA will re-think all of this, that there are more of us with sense and real concern, than there are callous liberals, even those in powerful BSA board positions.

If not, it may be time for a new national replacement group of authentic grown-ups guiding boys into lives of genuine character. May God turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children and stop this nonsense.

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