Infamous perverts now Obama’s ‘pioneers’

By WND Staff

By John Lofton

“We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths – that all of us are created equal – is the star that guides us still; just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall. … It is now our generation’s task to carry on what those pioneers began.”

– President Obama, Second Inaugural Address, Jan. 21, 2013

Whatever else Mr. Obama’s address was it definitely was truly unique historically in that it is the first time – in an inaugural address – that a president has praised a group of sex perverts who rioted against police. The particular event I allude to here is a 1969 riot against cops at the “Stonewall Inn” in New York City. That is the “Stonewall” alluded to in the quote above.

So, what happened? Well, let’s start with the “Inn” itself and then move on what these “pioneers” did. A story in the liberal Denver Post (June 27, 1999) says this “Inn” was a place that operated “thanks to payoffs to the police and the Mafia.” A story in the liberal Los Angeles Times (June 26, 1996) refers to “Stonewall” as a place that was “a seedy, Mafia-controlled hangout for drag queens.” And a piece in the liberal Newsday newspaper (June 27, 1994) says it was the scene of “a revolt by people on the fringes of even the gay community … a sleazy Mafia bar [whose] patrons were the queerest, raggediest, grungiest of the gays.”

In his well-documented book “Stonewall” (Dutton, 1993), the pro-homosexual Martin Duberman tells how an epidemic of hepatitis among sodomite men was blamed on Stonewall because there was no running water behind the bar, and used glasses were simply run through stagnant vats of water, then re-used.

Duberman also reveals how middle-aged men “cruised” in Stonewall looking for underage male prostitutes. He quotes one homosexual activist as saying the bar was a haven for so-called “chicken hawks,” adult males who coveted underage boys. Another homosexual activist says Stonewall was “a real dive, an awful, sleazy place set up by the Mob for hustlers, ‘chickens’ to be bought by older people.” Duberman tells how the doorman at Stonewall was accused of “purveying drugs and young flesh there” and how he was involved in taking payoffs from the Mafia and New York cops.

When the police raided Stonewall about 1:20 a.m. on June 28, 1969, the bar was full of male whores and drugged and drunken “drag queens” (men wearing women’s clothes). A cop shoved one of the patrons, telling her (?) to keep moving. She (?) started swinging at the cop. As Duberman tells it:

“By now the crowd had swelled to a mob, and people were picking up and throwing whatever loose objects were at hand – coins, bottles, cans, bricks from a nearby construction site. Someone even picked up a dog from the street and threw it in the cop’s direction.” Cops had to dodge flying glass. One was hit near the eye with a shard of glass, causing blood to spurt out. A beer can bounced off another cop’s head. And a man Duberman describes as “a wild Puerto Rican queen” verbally threatened to rape a male cop he believed to be of Irish ancestry.

When the police retreated inside the bar and barricaded the door, according to Duberman, “an arm reached through a shattered window, squirted more lighter fluid into the room, and then threw in another lit match. This time the match caught, and there was a whoosh of flame.” Just then, police reinforcements arrived and saved their colleagues inside from being burned to death. Four cops were wounded in this riot. Some suffered human bites.

So, there you have it. This is what the “pioneers” of “Stonewall” did. This is the kind of thing Mr. Obama thinks “is now our generation’s task to carry on.”

A footnote: During the Clinton administration, the “Stonewall Inn” was added to the official U.S. Government “National Register Of Historic Places.” Announcing this fact, Clinton’s assistant secretary of interior, John Berry, an open and admitted homosexual, said, standing in front of this “Inn” (June 21, 1999): “In the course of our history, the tree of liberty has always grown stronger by adding rings of rights. … On this spot on June 28, 1969, a new ring of freedom (sic, no sick!) was called into being by proud men and women who said ‘No more!’ – ‘No’ to prejudice, no to intolerance, no to abuse and hate.

“In doing, so they joined hands through history with those in 1773, who left their taverns and began another revolution by throwing tea in the harbor of Boston. For the bravery of this small group here at Stonewall inspired the nation, and called freedom-loving people into action, laying the cornerstone of the gay and lesbian civil rights movement. … Maybe it is the heat of summer that puts fire in the belly for freedom. For it was the heat of Philadelphia that forged the Declaration of Independence. … And it was the heat of a summer’s night here at Stonewall that led to the creation of a new civil rights movement for America.”

A footnote to this footnote: I seriously doubt that those who visited taverns in colonial times would identify with the rioters at the Stonewall Inn since homosexual sodomy in all 13 original colonies was a capital crime.

John Lofton, a “recovering Republican,” can be reached at [email protected].

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