Is America on the eve of another civil war? That question is being raised by economist, columnist, radio host and international conference speaker Jerry Robinson on his “Follow the Money Weekly.”

He also talks about eight money tips for achieving financial security in 2013.

But in a commentary on his podcast, he notes the situation facing Americans.

“While I expect to have a very profitable year with my investments and businesses, I can’t seem to shake this nagging suspicion that 2013 may also be one of the most devastating years in American history. Sadly, our nation has become a shadow of its former self. In times past, Americans were often admired by other nations for their strange blend of self-reliance and self-sacrifice. Today, however, Americans have become victims of their own success,” he explained.

“In the not-too-distant past, we were a people who made things. We were a nation of producers and relied heavily upon global consumers to purchase our well-made exports. Today, America’s specialty is consumption and our number one export is a worthless piece of paper known as the U.S. dollar.

“What happened to America? How did a nation that was so prosperous and so unique in its approach to government end up completely bankrupt and run by tyrants?”

He said there are several identifiable issues, including those “power-hungry warring political factions.”

“After all, politicians have always believed that the only thing wrong with the world is that they are not running it,” he said.

He also addresses the issue of financial security during 2013.

He shares the eight powerful money tips that he has used successfully in his own life.

They include:

  1. Commit yourself to financial education
  2. Create a charitable giving plan
  3. Begin a systematic savings plan
  4. Build and maintain six months of emergency liquid savings
  5. Diversify your liquid savings
  6. Begin a diversified investment portfolio
  7. Be cautious of government-controlled, tax-deferred savings plans — IRAs and 401(k)s
  8. Diversify your income

Tom Cloud then joins the podcast for a precious metals market update to talk about the fiscal cliff’s impact, and Jay Peroni discusses real estate investment trusts.

John Bearss then comes to the mike to talk about annuities, life insurance and a retirement income to last a lifetime.

Podcast is 1:10:58.

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Jerry Robinson is an economist, published author, columnist, radio talk show host, and international conference speaker. Robinson has been quoted as an economic authority by USA Today, FoxNews and many other news agencies. His columns have appeared regularly in numerous print and web publications, including WND. In addition, Robinson is also the editor-in-chief of the popular economic newsletter, “Follow the Money Quarterly.”

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