I’ve always found it ironic that a large sign bearing the axiom Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it figured prominently at the community gathering area in Jonestown, Guyana. This is where, in November of 1978, over 900 members of the “Peoples Temple Agricultural Project,” mostly expatriate Americans, committed mass suicide at the direction of cult leader Jim Jones. The method of their death was via a powdered drink mix laced with cyanide, which later gave rise to “having drunk the Kool-Aid” as being synonymous with the mindless following of a harmful doctrine.

At this juncture, right-of-center news junkies are pretty much aware that most of the press since the November election has been largely diversionary, and that all of the wheeling and dealing between congressional Republicans and the Obama administration over the “fiscal cliff” (which was supposed to resolve Bush-era tax cuts that expired Jan. 1), was nothing but grandiose posturing. Tragically, given the treasonous character of the establishment press, most Americans remain unaware that this is all stagecraft.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the fiscal cliff deal contains $15 billion in spending cuts – and $620 billion in tax hikes. The Republican Study Committee claims that in addition to this inequitable ratio, the measure delays spending cuts from the Budget Control Act, permanently re-establishes the death tax at a 40 percent rate with a $5 million exemption, extends unemployment benefits and stimulus provisions, as well as hammering married couples and small businesses relative to taxes. It also adds another $4 trillion to America’s debt.

Regardless of the impact of the pretextual fiscal cliff wrangling, Americans are still facing $1 trillion in tax hikes included in Obamacare, which wasn’t supposed increase taxes at all, according to the administration. Neither was it supposed to impact health-care services currently available, as has already turned out to be erroneous. Another $700 billion in Obamacare taxes kick in as of 2014.

In administrations past, Americans would be calling for the president’s head on a pike. That considered, it’s obvious that he wouldn’t have been re-elected, at the very least.

Enumerating the various ways in which the American people are being screwed is really moot at this point. Whether Obama’s intent is to spend us into a crisis of incomprehensible and historic proportions (which I believe), or if he is just another narcissistic progressive who thinks he can find a way to pay for his socialism indefinitely, the aforementioned crisis will come if the spending continues.

Now, I realize that there are a few conservatives left in Congress, and that some lawmakers who do not favor the direction in which Obama is taking us are aware that their influence is somewhat limited in the face of the latitude this president has been willing to take. But their influence and willingness to act are dwarfed by that of Republicans who appear to crave power only slightly less than the Democrats. The level of institutional corruption in our government has become an acute and deadly condition, and Obama, whose party has honed this to a fine art, intends to capitalize upon this to turn that corner in establishing a progressive leviathan of government that will be too big to roll back.

If just one prominent Republican lawmaker publicly called Obama out for what he is, the ground we could gain would be substantial, perhaps immeasurable. No one but the conservative and libertarian press is addressing the attacks on the First Amendment via Obamacare’s mandates for birth control and abortion devices, Obama’s ongoing efforts toward making unions a privileged class and the Department of Homeland Security his personal police force. I could add to this many more of this administration’s seditious measures, about which most Americans know nothing but which one intrepid patriot could bring to light in a big way.

Yes, there are obvious risks such an individual calling Obama out as a communist and a would-be dictator, knowing that the press would circle the wagons and do their best to make such a person the laughingstock of the century. Need I say that the gravity of our situation should outweigh personal risk?

The political theater we have witnessed over the last weeks was not simply varying degrees of cowardice on the part of GOP lawmakers. We didn’t get to the brink of communism over several decades without their knowledge. Over the last year or so, I posed questions in this space as to whether Republican leaders might have been planning to lose to Obama in the 2012 election, and if they might indeed be merely posturing for the benefit of the electorate in their efforts to oppose him.

I am asked every day by frustrated and often enraged people why Republican leaders are not pursuing any number of issues – some criminal in nature – that might serve to politically defang this president. The only answer I have left is complicity.

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