Mr. Farah: The column titled “NRA wrong about armed guards in schools” was great. Why do there have to be guards when every person in a school has the right to protect his/herself? What’s wrong with teachers not only having the right to protect themselves but being able to protect the kids that they teach?

Guns are obviously not the problem. Gun control is. Since the time of the Connecticut school shooting, several other shootings have occurred around the country and have not made the mainstream media. Why? Because they all prove the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

The lack of God in schools is also a huge problem. Kids are not taught that murder is bad. You said we should have the Ten Commandments in school. Amen. Kids need to see what is right and wrong. People ask where God was in all of this. He wasn’t in the school – he was kicked out a long time ago. Let him back in.

Thank you for the column. I enjoyed your thoughts. You are not alone. I pray that people that feel the way we do will stand up to keep our rights. God bless you.

Alex Bolinger

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