(SUN-SENTINEL) — Police in Fort Lauderdale are now planning to use magic water instead of bullets to fight certain crimes, employing a new liquefied weapon that seems concocted straight out of a TV cop show script.

The liquid solution, called SmartWater CSI, leaves a semi-permanent splash on crooks that can be viewed only with the use of ultraviolet black lights.

Want to leave a mark on the robber who just hit your store? Squirt, squirt. Have a heirloom you want to mark as your own personal property instead of engraving your name on it? Squirt, squirt.

On Thursday, city and police officials in Fort Lauderdale unveiled its plans to begin using the SmartWater as a tool to combat property crimes within the city.

“We are going to have officers out there with the UV light, and we’ll be looking for those SmartWater markings,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley. “It’s outside-the-box thinking.”

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