Shariah thugs: CAIR’s latest jihad

By Pamela Geller

Killing free speech and oppressing freedom-loving people is #MyJihad, what’s yours?

In that I’m paraphrasing the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations’ ridiculous new ad campaign claiming that jihad is all about getting in your exercise or making friends among people of a different political perspective, as I wrote about in my WND column last month. But Hamas-CAIR’s real jihad is against the freedom of speech, as it proved again last weekend.

On Saturday, I addressed a standing-room-only crowd at the Maryland Conservative Action Network’s annual conference. Other speakers included Stanley Kurtz, Commissioner Richard Rothschild, Commissioner Blaine Young, Tom Fitton and Delegate Nic Kipke (R-Pasadena), the new chairman of the Anne Arundel County delegation to Maryland’s House of Delegates.

In the run-up to the event, Hamas-CAIR attempted to intimidate the elected officials who had planned on speaking there also into canceling their appearance. Why? Because I was also speaking, of course, and the subject was, “In Defense of Free Speech” (ironically enough). Hamas-CAIR continued its jihad to silence champions of freedom by also urging the organizers to cancel my Saturday morning address.

They meant to threaten and bully our elected officials with a smear campaign designed to destroy them if they dared to attend a conference where I scheduled to speak. This is how these Nazis roll. They did the Hitler jig and demanded that the Maryland Conservative Action Network self-impose the most radical and extreme ideology on the planet, the Shariah. Thuggery, intimidation and the silencing of critics of jihad and Shariah: This is Islamic supremacism in action in a free country.

The original Nazis were cocky, too. Once. This century’s Nazis and brownshirts must prohibit and restrict the truth in order to triumph. Who are they to enforce a punitive code of savage laws on non-Muslims? For those who chose to live under this system of barbarism, that is their great misfortune. But Western politicians and leaders under Western law are abandoning the pillars of our freedom, centuries of Western philosophy, the era of enlightenment. And why? Fear of the savage.

But the Hamas-CAIR thugs failed. One man stood tall and said no. You wouldn’t think that you’d have to applaud an elected official for standing in defense of freedom, but in the low state of the world today, it is a rare man who does. Nic Kipke is such a man.

Kipke said this about me to the Anne Arundel Patch: “She has strong views, but on comparison they are no more controversial than that of someone on the left like Michael Moore. Pamela Geller may say things that are politically incorrect, but she’s protected by the First Amendment.”

Even better, he told the Maryland Gazette: “I don’t know Ms. Geller personally. What I do know about her is that she has pointed out gross atrocities that occur in some Muslim countries against women.”

In all this coverage, it is no surprise that the media tools described Hamas-CAIR as a Muslim advocacy group, despite its unindicted co-conspirator status in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history, and the convictions of several former members of its leadership of terror-related crimes and its being known as a Muslim Brotherhood proxy.

Even worse, on the day of my talk, the Baltimore Sun ran a lengthy op-ed piece by Hamas-CAIR’s Zainab Chaudry. The same day that a standing-room-only conservative conference gathered in a deep blue state, the Baltimore Sun carried not a word about a conference itself, but just a libelous screed from an operative of a subversive group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is dedicated in its own words, according to a captured internal document, to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house.” And will the Sun accord me equal time to rebut these distortions and lies from Hamas-CAIR? Don’t bet on it.

In this “coverage,” I am referred to as a notorious “Islamophobe” because of my defense of freedom in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001. My crime is opposing ethnic cleansing, misogyny, cultural annihilations, jihadi wars, etc. It is those of us who speak against such oppression and subjugation who are demonized and marginalized. If you don’t fight this, you submit.

So kudos to Kipke. He did not submit. He is one of the few politicians today with the spine to stand up to Islamic supremacist intimidation. And so on Saturday, Islamic supremacism suffered a stunning and well-deserved defeat.

But remember: They’re not giving up, and neither can the lovers of freedom. This is the line in the sand. Freedom of speech is the bedrock on which the nation, this civilization is built. Do not be lazy about this. This is at the heart of victory and defeat. Stand against Islamic thuggery. Do not be cowed. They cannot silence truth.


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