Mike Malloy

A left-wing radio host declared on air this past week that “birthers,” those who question Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, should stand in a circle with semi-automatic rifles pointed at one another and, on his command, “open fire!”

On his Jan. 9 broadcast, host Mike Malloy scoffed while quoting a WND column from commentator Craige McMillan in which McMillan claimed Chief Justice John Roberts is in the “terrible position” of being asked to swear in a president who isn’t eligible for the job because of his dual citizenship at birth.

“These God—n birthers!” Malloy cursed. “Will you people please, please, get together with your AR-15s in a big circle, pointing inward, and on my count, open fire!”

The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that has been referenced frequently in news accounts and commentaries since the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Malloy’s rant further called WND “self-abusing,” suggestively accused McMillan of “playing with himself” and made a crude reference to McMillan and anal sex.

Malloy is a former writer for CNN and one of the original talk hosts on the left-wing radio experiment Air America. Malloy describes himself on his website as “a traditional liberal Democrat doing his part to return the Democratic Party to its liberal roots.”

Formerly one of Talkers magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” listing, Malloy is now self-syndicated and can reportedly be heard on 13 broadcast stations as well as the Sirius XM Left satellite radio channel.

Audio of Malloy’s comments, captured by Brian Maloney, “The Radio Equalizer,” can be heard below:

Editor’s note: Malloy uses some language and imagery considered obscene and may be offensive to some listeners.

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