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The church's sin of silence

By R. Neil Farrar

“The Germans made the church a theology; the Romans made it a government. The Greeks made it a philosophy, and the Americans made it a business.”

~ Unknown

John Adams offered sage wisdom concerning our financial debacle: “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” What we are experiencing is not an accident; it is a deliberate action by our own legislators and government leaders to remove the only threat to a one-world government – the United States of America. By taking us down financially, no one will have to worry about rebuilding our superstructures.

This gangrenous condition is the result of a society shifting from its Judeo-Christian foundation. Proverbs 9:10 tell us “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Our government and nation are racing toward destruction because we no longer honor and obey the Living God! The church is the moral compass of a nation, so why aren’t they warning the people? Sadly, it is because the church shares the same addictions and lack of financial restraint as our government.

Our nation is experiencing a moral and spiritual decay that is not only self-inflicted, but at a pandemic level. America has been fed a lethal overdose of liberalism, with such toxins as: one-way tolerance; political correctness; redistribution of wealth; moral decay; breakdown of the family unit; social religion; advocacy of homosexuality and same-sex unions; and a plethora of many others. With the removal of God, we replaced our morals with our values. Without absolute morals, values are seen as personal and not to be imposed on another.

Much of our current decay can be traced back as recently as 50 years. In 1962, the Supreme Court ruled to eliminate prayer in school and in 1963 to ban reading the Bible. The seeds from this moral debasement have matured into the nefarious ideology and restructuring we are currently facing. As God was being forced out the doors of our schools, a spurious master waited at the threshold; but behind this liberal mask lay: marxism, socialism and, ultimately, communism.

Then, only 10 years later a blithe more flagitious than slavery was birthed to legally kill our unborn – abortion. Where slavery robs one’s freedom and rights, abortion steals one’s life. Today, death panels await our citizenry with the implementation of Obamacare. Many in our society embraced this evil as a free gift; but in return, they have sold their freedoms as well. Not only will they have no say in their medical care, but they will be prohibited from going outside their caregiver to receive it elsewhere.

Overall, the blame for the past 50 years lies in one specific place – the church. Many pastors and Christians have been deceived into believing that it is not their business to get involved in the business of government, so they have stood silently by while progressives (communists) have dismantled our nation. The pulpit was never intended to be something to hide behind, and truth is quickly lost or diluted if it is not preached. Abraham Lincoln succinctly describes what has taken place: “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

You will often hear people speak of the silent majority when describing the church or mainline America. Although some may recognize silent majority as a euphemism; in the case of the Victorian age, it would have been seen as a dysphemism, because it meant “the dead.” It appears that the Victorians would have been more literal if their definition was used to describe the silent majority today. The church does not only appear to be silent when it comes to moral issues within our nation, but to play dead.

The prophet Jonah was disgusted that God wanted him to go to Nineveh to call the Assyrian people to repent because Jonah first of all believed that such salvation belonged to the Jews; but more importantly, Jonah knew that God would spare them if they obeyed. Ironically, it is important to point out that the Ninevites repented, where later the northern tribes (Israel) and the southern tribes (Judah) did not.

Revelation 3:17 could be used to best describe the lethargic and apathetic condition of numerous lukewarm Christians today: “I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing.” Many in the church have their priorities in the wrong place, and they have been seeking God for formulas to gain personal wealth and security, or they have watered down His Word to where they do not offend anyone. In essence, the church is experiencing an identity crisis, in that Christians are seeking to get along with the world more than they are trying to separate themselves from it.

What will history speak of this generation in America? Will we be the ones who lost our nation to this quisling administration and the global elites? The only hope for America, the church and our progeny is if we humble ourselves and return to God on His terms! Much in the same way a doctor must amputate a gangrenous limb to save the body, so we must choose to cut away that which not only offends God, but separates us from Him. He is truly our only hope!

We desperately need sagacious and integrous Christian leaders who are not serving for fame or gain; rather, they are willing to pay the price for taking a righteous stand! It is axiomatic that we are rapidly losing our freedoms, and if the church in America does not rise up and earnestly seek God today, then our sin of silence will soon become our sentence as well.

R. Neil Farrar is an independent writer. He is a veteran, 20-year business owner and is currently working toward his Master of Divinity at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He also pastored a church in Maine for six years and pioneered the Christian radio program “Rock Talk” in Maine and Rhode Island.