The influence of supernatural evil

By Erik Rush

If one examines history, it is a no-brainer that the course upon which America is currently set will prove ultimately disastrous, and that those among us who embrace it are operating within a state of deep delusion. In fact, we can readily see this in action; as America careens over the edge, liberals vigorously deny that we are doing so.

This is why the political left saw an imperative in compromising America’s educational system, of course. If one fails to examine history, it is impossible for them to draw correlations between historical cause and effect. Fundamentally, liberals don’t even understand that progressivism is actually retrogressive in that it is returning us to rule rather than governance, the opposite of what America’s founders intended. The abysmal level of knowledge on the part of so many Americans, coupled with the religious adherence to liberal ideology among a large segment thereof, has developed a decidedly eerie quality.

Aside from the political and economic upheaval that is now taking place, aspects of the deleterious cultural transformation have become quite surreal. Transvestites, vulgarity, foul-mouthed children, promiscuity, criminality and other forms of sociopathy now permeate our broadcast airwaves. One needs but watch an hour or two of television at any period of the day to affirm this. In particular, the television programming targeting children and young adults is clearly calculated to engender moral ambivalence, narcissism, opportunism and predation. It was gratifying, if too long in coming, when this week Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow reported that “We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists.” One wonders why parents haven’t been screaming this from the rooftops for years.

The determination with which liberals are now advancing economic imprudence, immoderation, immorality, intolerance, racism and deviance simply boggles the mind. Even pedophilia is apparently on the table. This creates cognitive dissonance because it represents a culture of death (perhaps this also explains liberals’ affinity for Islam). Those who question the wisdom of this cultural descent are attacked as being bigoted, and these attacks – particularly against the religious – have become far more vicious.

The Obama administration, along with compatriots among powerful oligarchs, the press and now apparently the leadership of the Republican Party, are on the brink of euthanizing America as we know it. The Constitution, which they have increasingly ignored, is their enemy. The men and women who are bringing this about are, despite all pretense, the worst among us and deserve the harshest disposition the reader can conjure, regardless of party ties. This will no doubt be translated by the liberal press into my recommendation that we kill off Congress, but the press is so in the habit of extrapolating our words to their most extreme conclusions that this should no longer be of surprise nor concern.

To most of us, the deportment of liberals makes little sense. Many influential liberals will suffer materially and some may become at risk personally when the changes they are working toward come about. Just this week, middle-class Obama supporters received an unpleasant shock when they found their most recent paychecks lighter due to the president’s fiscal machinations (though these were calculated to bear a Republican fingerprint in part).

Do those in power, whether they be politicos, captains of industry, or shadowy, old-money power players, really wish to kill the golden goose – that being the industry and creativity of the American people? Surely, history has taught them that slave states – even modern ones – do not prosper. Are they truly that vain and naïve?

I was raised in anything but a traditional environment, by the standards that applied when I was born. Neither was it a particularly patriotic nor religious home. While some apply intelligence and discernment to what brought me to hold the convictions to which I now adhere, I rather believe it was more due to a measure of God’s grace and His purpose. The experiences I had throughout the course of my life led me to a belief in God, the wisdom in honoring Him and the Divine purpose in the United States of America.

I may be going out on a limb here, but given the experiences I have had – not my opinion – I firmly believe this exponentially rapid slide we are seeing has its roots in true supernatural evil, that which the spiritual and religious readily acknowledge but which many Americans have difficulty reconciling with the material world and current events. I know that this has become increasingly apparent to those who already hold such a worldview.

It’s easy for people to subscribe to the idea that powerful individuals or organizations are somehow aligned with evil, but more difficult to accept the idea that people in general – friends, relatives, neighbors, social-media trolls – are being directly influenced by malevolent forces. And while I haven’t discounted the possibility of mind-control protocols having been employed on certain individuals lately, I believe it is altogether possible that some of the seemingly random violence we are witnessing may have its genesis in the influence to which I refer.

I am not going to delve into the specifics of any particular apocalyptic religious doctrine here for a number of reasons. In a practical sense, the why and how of it may appear immaterial to many readers. Understanding a thing has advantages over not understanding it; therefore, it might be a good time for some to take a closer look at what they claim to believe.

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