I can’t believe what’s happening to this country.

The man who is president has taken hold of the survival of the United States and the Constitution and the media while other elected officials seemingly ignore what’s happening right before their eyes.

There was an election, but what does that mean? What’s the impact on the future for me, my children and their children?

Any thinking person, and there are too few of them, knows there will be an enormous impact. Unfortunately, the average American citizen who re-elected this administration is totally unaware of the destruction that awaits them.

I know, I know, you think: There she goes again – Ms. Gloom and Doom – but you’d be wrong.

It’s not “gloom and doom.” It’s the truth. For all the talk about the fiscal cliff – the serious talk should be about the real precipice this country is perched upon.

The man who was president is president again.

So what?

The “so what” consequence is a growing list of things I’ve grown to hate about what he’s done, is doing and more importantly, will do.

I hate that this man has done everything he can to demean and diminish the role and influence of Christians in this country, despite the fact that Christians were critical in the formation of the country and, like it or not, they’re the majority.

Anywhere else in the world what we do to Christians would be called “religious persecution.” We don’t call it that; we just do it because it pertains to Christianity.

If we did to Muslims what we do and say about the practices of Christians, we would be excoriated, persecuted and probably prosecuted – and, if history is any lesson, physically threatened by Muslims claiming insults.

But Christians aren’t allowed to feel insulted. They’re fair game.

What’s the most recent example?

Last week, the man who is president deleted Section 533, conscience provisions for military chaplains, from the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.

It allows chaplains of any faith to refuse to participate in any religious ceremony that conflicts with their faith.

In his signing statement, he called it “ill-advised” and said he’s fully supportive of the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Essentially, he’s saying that military acceptance of homosexuality forcing chaplains to act against their religious conscience is OK.

Sorry, Christians.

But he wasn’t done tinkering with the defense bill. Even though he signed it containing restrictions on moving detainees out of Guantanamo and other prisons, he added another “signing statement” saying the Constitution gives him the right to override any limits in the law.

Hey, you’re president not king.

I’ve grown to hate the shuck and jive in the handling of border security.

We’re told the border is safer than ever, but our Border Patrol agents are hampered by regulations concerning how they can do their jobs and are targets of criminal aliens. Plus, the feds have actually made high-powered weapons available to the drug cartels.

At the same time, the man who is president declares that Americans will be hit with draconian gun laws under the pretense that too many of us are killing our children.

Why is it terrible to kill children but not our police, border agents and American citizens who live along the border? Why is nothing said about the criminal alien gangs swarming the country and spreading terror, mayhem and murder?

Does he really believe those criminals will comply with his gun laws?

He talks of “immigration reform,” but his way is not a system overhaul. It’s a series of executive orders to facilitate his goal to make all illegals into legal citizens.

In mid-December, he issued a new, non-deportation policy preventing several hundred thousand deportations

Then last week, a ruling that foreign spouses, children and families can remain in this country while their relatives apply for green cards.

I hate seeing the country my parents considered their future and the future for their children being diminished and lied about by the people supposedly concerned with the welfare of all Americans.

I hate that educators lie to our children

Why are they being taught that their own country is guilty of crimes against humanity?

Why are they taught skewed history of how our country was formed and how it has existed under the Constitution?

Why are they taught that no real good was ever accomplished by the United States?

They’re taught we’ve persecuted people, contributed to slavery, fought wars that were our fault, polluted the environment, killed wildlife and essentially done nothing to raise the standards of living and hope for the future of our people and indeed, the world.

Classrooms and textbooks are filled with revisionist history, and the United States is the villain.

I wasn’t taught that way. When I talk with some of my classmates, the theme that runs through our conversations is what happened to our country?

What happened to our freedoms and our ability to live freely and independently?

Why have we allowed the government to tell us what we can eat and drink, how we must raise our children, what we can feed our pets, what we can use to illuminate our homes, what we can use to shower and to flush our toilets, what we can use to heat our homes and power our vehicles, where we can live and what medical care we can have?

We’ve given government the power to tell us where and how we can have a business – even a children’s lemonade stand.

A home business? Good luck.

Gas stations are regulated as to the number of price signs they can have and the lettering size, even if customers can’t read them.

There’s nothing in our founding documents that gives away our rights as free people.

But we gave those rights away – ceding our futures to politicians and powerful special interest groups.

Elections have consequences.

As I always end my radio programs: “Be careful what you pray for. You might get it.”

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