One of the most distressing things I encounter on a regular basis from Americans is the belief that it can’t happen here and that scenarios representing incomprehensibly radical, dystopian transformations of our society are not only preposterous, but the product of delusional minds. More often than not, when I speak of such things I am referencing the fundamental transformation of America President Obama and his Marxist co-conspirators are foisting upon us.

To those for whom such things as the Holocaust and the Killing Fields are too far removed or farfetched, I would point to the tragic example of South Africa, the dynamics of which are covered in masterful detail by author and WND columnist Ilana Mercer in her book “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa.” She was born in South Africa; her family left there in the 1960s, but she returned in the 1980s.

While Ilana and her family were staunch and active opponents of the policy of apartheid in South Africa, she has vigorously addressed the rapid societal decline and atrocities that have transpired therein since the end of minority white governance in 1994.

“When South Africa was governed by a racist white minority, it was scorned by the West. … Now that a racist, black-majority government controls the country … it is the toast of the West.”

– “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” from the Introduction

As related in the book, since the inception of black rule under the African National Congress, South Africa has become one of the most violent countries in the world and has been compared to nations such as Iraq and Colombia in that respect. “Cannibal’s Pot” describes a South Africa that is a cross between the theatrical films “District 9” and “Dredd” in terms of its surreal level of dysfunction and violence, respectively. Large cities such as Johannesburg occasionally resemble war zones, and whites who cannot afford to reside in gated communities with armed security are essentially “fair game” for angry, unemployed black thugs.

This transformation of South Africa came about almost entirely due to international pressure rather than national referenda – but why was it done? Not so much because apartheid was an odious policy, but because it offended the sensibilities of Western liberal elites that whites held dominion in countries such as South Africa and the former Rhodesia, which were “meant for blacks” (I suppose because they happened to lie on the African continent).

This rationale would, of course, provide ample justification for Scandinavian or European nations wishing to pitch anyone darker than myself into the sea, but I digress.

It was common knowledge even to the marginally informed in the mid-1970s that South Africa’s African National Congress was a Marxist outfit. Similarly, it was well-known then that Robert Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) since 1980, deftly running that nation into the ground economically as well as environmentally, was also a Marxist.

So why would the entire consortium of Western political influence support Marxists at a time when they were ostensibly still fighting the Cold War? Because these nescient parties are no different than liberals who operate on the national level in Europe or America. Those who do not embrace socialism or communism outright are either pathologically narcissistic or intellectually compromised. In the case of the former, they believe that by virtue of their power alone, they are somehow ordained to unilaterally arbitrate justice and determine the course of nations.

They determined that white rule in South Africa, the scourge of Africa and the malignant vestige of white colonialism, must come to an end – and it did. Unfortunately, many of these hold a similar view of the United States; it is clear that this is the case regarding President Barack Obama and his partners in America’s orchestrated decline.

“The farmers of South Africa are being killed off at genocidal rates. …”

– “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” Chapter 2

Most Americans have no idea whatsoever how dangerous South Africa has become for middle-class whites since the inception of black rule, particularly for farmers, who reside in more remote areas. The reason for this ignorance is of course due to the political bent of the establishment press in the U.S.; they are of the same sentiment as the elites who have shaped international politics in recent decades. The atrocities inflicted upon whites are only proper restitution for the atrocities inflicted upon blacks over the previous hundred years.

Speaking of atrocities: One of the things I found particularly ghastly was the book’s description of the brutality inflicted upon the victims of marauding black thugs in rural areas. Depictions of primal, savage mutilations, dismembering and rape prior to execution of white farmers and their families more befitted Travis the chimp (who attacked a Connecticut woman in 2009, ripping off her hands and face before being shot by police) than human aggressors.

Ilana Mercer infuses “Cannibal’s Pot” with her wealth of knowledge and insight into the dynamic of South Africa’s plight, as well as nearly countless sobering statistics and anecdotes. As she asserts, condemnation of the new racist South Africa is not advocacy for the racist old. However, her warning to America is much more than implied: What occurred in South Africa was brought about by the same machine that is bringing about dangerous transformations in America.

More than its significance as an important historical work, “Cannibal’s Pot” illustrates how South Africa was sold out by the same breed of liberal elites who sold out Europe and Rhodesia, and who are currently selling out America. Within its pages, one can see these chilling parallels in action.

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