“We are not a bilingual nation,” Dr. Savage reminded listeners this week, as the debate raged over immigration reforms proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. “Can you name one other nation on earth that has a foreign population of about 10 percent who will not speak the language of the land?” (FREE audio)

“Why are the Republicans latching on to Marco Rubio?” Savage continued. “Just because he’s Latino? That’s enough?” (FREE audio embedded above)

“Rubio’s personal story is inspiring. But he’s not a presidential candidate,” Savage said. “If you hear about Republicans pushing Marco Rubio in 2016, that means they’re secretly working for Hillary Clinton.”

Rush Limbaugh

Not for the first or last time, President Obama singled out Rush Limbaugh by name for criticism, this time on the topic of immigration and amnesty.

“I think, folks, the president, he’s just probably trying to goad me into saying something extreme,” Limbaugh responded on the air, adding, “like that would ever happen” (FREE audio).

A Hispanic voter who’s been listening to Limbaugh for 25 years called in and complained about the way both political parties treat Latinos as a “prize” (FREE audio).

The caller wished the Democrats and Republicans would instead, “treat us with respect and integrity. Stop making a fuss over Hispanics. We’re not any better than any other American in this country, and I get sick and tired, these people trying to make us the prize.”

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham is back on the air, with a new deal with syndication company Courtside. In an interview with the broadcasting industry “bible” Talkers magazine, she said she wanted her new show to focus on other topics besides politics.

“I want the show to be livelier, funnier, newsier, more unpredictable,” she said. “The personal connection with listeners is more satisfying than political conversations.”

That said, this week’s show saw Ingraham debating the heated issue of amnesty with Sens. Rubio and David Vitter, R-La., who denounced Rubio’s immigration reform proposals as “ridiculous” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Has a group with links to the Muslim Brotherhood managed to infiltrate America’s public schools? Aaron Klein says it has and presents the evidence.

A federal court makes it official: Obama’s recess appointments were unconstitutional. Klein reveals just who the president tried to sneak into these jobs and why. He also presents evidence that the Benghazi massacre was tied to events in Algeria and Syria. PLUS: What the Israeli election results mean for the United States (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

By popular demand, Sean Hannity’s occasional TV show guest Mark Levin will now be appearing on the program more regularly.

“What the hell are we doing?” Levin asked this week. On the heated topic of Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense, Levin declared, “The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government – it’s called Barack Obama” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Clad in a doctor’s white coat, Glenn Beck this week announced the “death” of the Republican Party.

With one of his staffers laying on a gurney, playing the “corpse,” Beck celebrated the apparent demise of the GOP with a cake, and even footage of dead elephants (FREE video).

He accused the “establishment wing of the Republican party” of “refusing to confront the cancer within the party … progressive-lite Republicans who care about winning really more than anything else. They cave to political correctness rather than sticking to principles.”

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