Reza Kahlili has done it, again.

Yesterday the Iranian-American who served as a CIA spy in the Islamic regime’s Revolutionary Guard, did his adopted country another great service – exposing the fact that Iran is supporting al-Qaida, as it has in the past, by providing terrorist training camps.

From these camps, al-Qaida is right now planning and rehearsing its next dramatic attacks on the U.S. and other Western nations.

This is not news the Obama administration wants you to know. It would prefer if you believe al-Qaida is on the run, washed up, finished as a terrorist threat to the U.S. The administration would also like you to believe that Iran can be persuaded to give up its quest for nuclear weapons through diplomacy.

Every week, Reza Kahlili puts the lie to those fairytales.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym. His real identity is concealed for his own protection. He is one of the Iranian regime’s worst nightmares, having exposed in the pages of WND the regime’s continued development of nuclear weapons. So devastating to Iran have been Kahlili’s reports that Iranian officials have attacked WND by name, as have their surrogates in Hezbollah.

It’s not so much WND Iran detests as it is Reza Kahlili – a truth-teller who loves his adopted home of America as well as his former homeland of Iran.

He’s a walking, talking example of why some of the best Americans are actually foreigners – refugees from hellish, authoritarian nightmare lands like Iran.

I strongly recommend his autobiographical work, “A Time to Betray.” There are important lessons in it for every American. And it reads like a spy thriller – because it is a real-life spy thriller.

Reza Kahlili has risked his life doing undercover work inside Iran – and he continues to risk his life exposing the regime in his new life as a journalist and expert on the threat posed by Iran to the security of the West and the stability of the world.

He’s a heroic figure and an inspiration to me. I’m honored to work with him on a daily basis and to provide a forum for his explosive investigative reporting.

Why do I tell you all this?

Because we need more heroes, truth-tellers and risk-takers like Reza Kahlili to save America from its current course.

We need them more than ever.

I’m talking about the kind of people who made America the greatest experiment in liberty the world has ever known.

Like Reza Kahlili, America’s Founding Fathers were heroes, truth-tellers and risk-takers. In fact, they challenged the most powerful empire in the world, staking their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in the cause of independence and self-government.

It makes me laugh when people suggest I am xenophobic because I believe America has a moral and legal obligation to secure its borders and enforce its immigration laws, because I know that some of the best Americans are foreigners – people who truly appreciate the blessings of liberty and prosperity America has to offer the world.

Heroes are hard to come by in America these days, but there are a few standouts.

Reza Kahlili is one.

Though his reports have often made news, he remains a mysterious and enigmatic figure to most Americans. He can’t show his face. He can’t reveal his true identity.

But Americans need to know Reza Kahlili and his work.

What he has to report is often alarming, but the truth often is. The only alternative is to live blissfully in darkness.

See the book trailer for Reza Kahlili’s “A Time to Betray”:

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