Those of us who still have the fortitude to cover jihad-related news are routinely marginalized, demonized and accused of inciting “Islamophobia” and or “anti-Muslim” backlash. Last week, under heavy pressure from a Boston Globe reporter and Islamic supremacist groups in the Boston area, the Roman Catholic diocese of Worcester, Mass., canceled a scheduled March 16 talk by my colleague Robert Spencer. It’s the latest salvo in the Islamic supremacist war on free speech.

Spencer says the Globe reporter instigated the whole thing: “I have been told that Lisa Wangsness herself, the Boston Globe reporter, exhorted people to call the diocese of Worcester and ask that my talk be canceled. She denies this, but I don’t know why my sources would invent such a story if it weren’t true. It’s extraordinarily irresponsible behavior from a ‘journalist,’ of course, but journalistic integrity is pretty much a thing of the past these days, and virtually all mainstream media journalists are propagandists for causes rather than objective reporters, so I am not all that surprised.”

This is unconscionable. Which is more egregious: the diocese caving to the same pressure that Christians, Jews, Hindus and countless others suffer all over the world, or the Boston Globe strong-arming behind the scenes to get Robert Spencer canceled? When did the Boston Globe start taking lessons from Hamas-TV? (Don’t answer that.) The enemedia have morphed into a criminal syndicate. This is a national scandal, but the American people are completely in the dark, because the enemedia control the major flow of information. And the quislings on the right say nothing because they, too, have been cowed, which is why the right is in the dismal state it is in.

In what bizarro world is the moral high ground ceded to America’s most oppressive and subjugating influence – Islamic supremacists? Islamic supremacists, Shariah enforcers and stealth jihadists (all of the same piece) silence champions of freedom, whitewash an ideology that ethnically cleanses non-Muslims and secular Muslims from Muslim lands, subjugates women and incites the most vile Jew-hatred. One single ideology that is responsible for 1,400 years of abject human misery.

And those few brave ones who speak to the good are silenced and demonized. As soon as the cancellation of Spencer became public, Salon tool Alex Seitz-Wald published a self-congratulatory piece celebrating this victory in the war against free speech. Has anyone ever seen or heard Alex Seitz-Wald of Salon rail against, pummel and smear the devout jihadists who slaughter in the name of Islam? Has anyone ever heard him apply even the most remote standard of humanity to those committing holy war in the cause of Islam? Ever heard him denounce the Shariah that brutally subjugates women and non-Muslims? Me neither.

And yet from his airless chamber, he fashions himself morally superior. Do these self-important clowns ever catch a cold hard glimpse of themselves in a mirror? We ought to stage an intervention for these hapless, ego-mad scribblers. Alex Seitz-Wald took issue with Robert Spencer and me for defending ourselves against the onslaught of libel, misrepresentation of our ideas, smears and lies. It is wickedly funny. This spineless, gutless wonder whines about how mean we are, and even says that our meanness has made many of our critics too scared to confront us.

It’s hard to imagine that I have scared my critics into silence – you mean there would be even more daily attacks on my character, cred and body of work? But there are only 24 hours in the day.

Seitz-Wald claims that we “want the First Amendment to work only in their favor.” Uh, wrong. I only want the First Amendment to work. Period. I want to be able to run my pro-freedom ads without having to file six-figure First Amendment lawsuits. I want to speak and not get canceled. I want a scintilla of truth to be reported about the work I do. Just for starters, we are anti-jihad, not anti-Muslim. No matter how many tens of thousands of posts, columns and books I write to the contrary or how many Muslim girls we help get to safe houses – these tools propagandize and carry water for the most notorious Islamic supremacists. Seitz-Wald shills for the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth and he is pulling moral superiority. What he lacks in spine and guts he compensates for in cojones.

Calling on the media to be accurate is an insult to their craft. And when I defend myself and pointedly expose their agenda, that whole ship of fools starts bawlin’. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa.

This is further collusion between the enemedia and Islamic supremacists to destroy our First Amendment rights. The Boston Globe is not unique in this. Chicago Transit, San Francisco Transit and WMATA appear to be colluding with Hamas-CAIR to keep our ads off city buses.

People, this is not about Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller, this is about freedom. This is about you.

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