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Why do liberals hate God?

That’s a provocative headline, I know.

But the premise is accurate. Liberals really do hate God. It’s a generalization, of course. Not all liberals hate God. But overwhelmingly they reject His authority, His reality, His Truth.

I’ve known this for a long time, but I got a reminder this week when I launched a simple campaign to post the Ten Commandments on billboards around the country.

You can read that entire reminder, if you like, at a site called Politics USA, though I do hate to send too much traffic over there for fear of crashing their servers. I will provide ample excerpts here to make my point.

“Nah, they can’t be that stupid, can they?” was the response to my announcement of the campaign. What did it say? “America has turned from God and has forgotten right from wrong, says WND founder Joseph Farah, who is announcing the launch of a dramatic new national billboard campaign featuring the Ten Commandments to help awaken believers and non-believers alike to ‘the wickedness and evil that abound in our country.'”

I also called the Ten Commandments “the glue that holds civilization together.”

To this, the writer, Hrafnkell Haraldsson (don’t ask me how that’s pronounced), retorts: “Never mind that countless civilizations have gotten along just fine without the Ten Commandments. The Romans had an empire for centuries – twice as long as the United States – and they didn’t finally fall until AFTER they got the Ten Commandments.”

Yes, the fall of the Roman Empire is worth noting. Rome was introduced to the Ten Commandments when it invaded Israel more than 2,000 years ago. Rome rejected the Ten Commandments and committed genocide against the Jewish people – and indeed it fell, hard.

And, yes, even Israel fell – and Judah – as the Bible explains because the nations rejected God and His commandments.

Then we learn from Politics USA, which describes itself as “real liberal politics,” that the Ten Commandments didn’t come from God on Mount Horeb but were plagiarized from Israel’s pagan neighbors – the Hittites, for whom the writer seems to foster some fondness.

The trouble with that is that for centuries, liberals denied the Hittites even existed. They cited this “fact” as reason not to believe the historicity of the Bible. Then, lo and behold, archaeologists discovered this lost empire mentioned frequently in the Bible actually did exist. Now liberals tell us it was the Hittites, about whom little is actually known, who actually wrote the law given to the Hebrews. They know this because the commandments “are written in the form of a Hittite vassal treaty. What does that tell you about the debt owed by Israel to its Pagan neighbors? Their god couldn’t even come up with an original format. (The Hittites are one of the few Bronze and Early Iron Age powers that didn’t waste their time on puny Israel.)”

Do you see the contempt in that statement – oozing as it does with anti-Semitism?

“Nah, America doesn’t need the Ten Commandments; neither do I,” the writer concludes. “I have my Nine Noble Virtues, and I’ll put them up against your Ten Commandments any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. This is America. Contrary to your expectations, Mr. Farah, we all get to choose what to believe.”

In other words, liberals prefer to believe in a god of their own invention rather than one who holds individuals – and nations – accountable for their actions.

I’m all in favor of choice. My God is, too. He gives us the desires of our hearts. We can walk with Him or walk away from Him. By posting the Ten Commandments on billboards across the country, I’m hardly imposing my will or God’s will on anyone. I’m simply pricking the public’s conscience.

So why all the spewing?

Because people don’t like to be reminded of their sin.

I don’t like it any more than anyone else. But if we want to experience everlasting life with God, it’s necessary to confront our own sins and repent of them.

I share the Commandments in love with everyone – even liberals who hate God.


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