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Aaron Klein ranked top local weekend host

Aaron Klein’s popular radio program made the radio industry’s highly coveted Talkers’ “Heavy Hundred,” the only local weekend host to make the prestigious list.

“Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast live from the beaches of Tel Aviv, is heard on New York’s WABC Radio, the largest talk station in the U.S.

Once per year, Talkers Magazine issues the “Heavy Hundred” ranking of radio hosts in America. The Talkers list is often quoted in newspapers and other publications.

With thousands of weekday shows on air, it is rare for a weekend program to make the list.

Klein came in at No. 93. His program was one of only two weekend shows to make the list and was the only local weekend program on the list, making it the “heaviest” local weekend radio program, according to Talkers.

The other weekend host on the “Heavy Hundred” was Kim Komando, who airs a weekend show syndicated to hundreds of stations as well as a daily feature.

Rush Limbaugh came in at No. 1, with Sean Hannity’s radio show at No. 2. Dave Ramsey landed the No. 3 slot with Glenn Beck ranked No. 4.

Michael Savage rounded out the top five, an impressive feat since the host was off the air for several months after breaking from his longtime syndicator and starting a new national show with Cumulus Media just five months ago.

Other WABC weekday hosts who made the list include Mark Levin at No. 7, morning radio king Don Imus at No. 35 and Geraldo Rivera at No. 62.

It’s the second recent top ranking for Klein’s show. He also came in at No. 30 on the list of the Internet’s “Top 100 Talk Shows of 2012″ released by Talk Stream Live – which ranks the nation’s leading streaming talk shows.

That Internet ranking of 30 was far ahead of even many daily shows and was doubly surprising considering Klein’s show is not yet nationally syndicated.

Klein’s show focuses on U.S. politics and foreign affairs. It uniquely fuses news reporting, including exclusive investigative journalism, with the concept of talk radio and is the only radio talk show in America broadcast from the Middle East.

“Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” routinely breaks news and is referred to nearly weekly by news media.

While focusing heavily on U.S. affairs, Klein is also known to interview world leaders and senior terrorists live on the air.