Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a “very short period of time” to decide whether to strike Iran’s nuclear infrastructure before Tehran possesses nuclear weapons, warned former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton in a radio interview last night.

“Obviously, in the short term, Israel is focused on forming its own government,” stated Bolton. “But I think, assuming it’s Prime Minister Netanyahu forming that government, he has a very short period of time in which to determine whether Israel will use military force, knowing that the United States will not, or whether Israel is prepared to allow Iran to get to the point where it has nuclear weapons.”

Bolton said he doesn’t know what Netanyahu’s decision will be but warned “every day that goes by allows Iran to put its nuclear capabilities beyond Israel’s powers to destroy.”

Bolton was speaking last night on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.

The former diplomat told Klein he doesn’t believe the Obama administration will take any military action against Iran.

“I don’t think it will come from the United States, that’s for sure,” Bolton said. “The question is whether at some point Israel acts in its own self defense as it has twice before when it struck Saddam Hussein’s reactor in 1981 and the Syrian reactor in September of 2007.”

Bolton’s comments come a week before President Obama is slated to visit Israel, with the topic of Iran likely to dominate discussions with Israeli officials.

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