MELBOURNE, Australia – This week a lifetime achievement award for services to water conservation was given to Peter Gleick, who has openly confessed that he used wire fraud to steal and then publish confidential documents belonging to the Heartland Institute of Chicago. His excuse? Well, he disagreed with its opposition to the climate hysteria that he so fervently and profitably espouses.

Gleick admitted that he had created a bogus email address in the name of a member of Heartland’s board. He had persuaded Heartland to log the new address into its server. He had posed as that board member to obtain confidential documents. He had added a fabricated document that he had not received from Heartland. He had then widely circulated the stolen and fabricated material, causing considerable damage to Heartland but little, it seems, to his own reputation.

Heartland complained to the State’s Attorney General in Illinois, who, after months of prevarication, absolutely refused to prosecute the self-confessed identity forger, wire fraudster and thief.

In the United States, which is no longer a free country, the Supreme Court has long stamped out the necessary right of the individual to bring a private prosecution when the public authorities – sometimes for improper reasons – refuse to do so.

One wonders whether the Attorney General’s decision not to prosecute was motivated by a corrupt desire to protect the current administration. John Holdren, the joke figure who for some bizarre reason is “science” adviser to Black Jesus, was Gleick’s Ph.D supervisor. Gleick, therefore, is well connected and, it seems, well protected.

Because the prosecutors will not bring a case, even though Gleick has publicly confessed his guilt, his victims are left with the expensive and far less satisfactory option of suing him in the civil courts.

While Heartland suffers the loss of donors who were successfully misled by Gleick’s fabricated document, Gleick is rewarded with a lifetime achievement award. You couldn’t make it up.

These days, it seems, anyone – however dodgy – who subscribes to the now-collapsed “global warming” scare (there has been precious little warming for two decades now) will be handsomely rewarded for his devotion to The Cause.

Michael Mann, the charlatan who created the now-discredited “hockey-stick” graph that incorrectly purported to eradicate the medieval warm period and concluded that today’s temperatures are unprecedented in 1,300 years, was recently awarded a fellowship of the American Geophysical Union.

During his acceptance speech, he pretended that earlier predictions of rapid warming had been proven correct. To do so, he compared chalk and cheese by lining up land temperature data (which show more warming) with the land-and-sea data from the original predictions, and he cut off the land data six years ago, since when the original prediction showed temperatures soaring but the real world has not warmed at all. He was caught out by Steve McIntyre, the diligent Canadian researcher who also exposed the “hockey stick” graph as nonsense.

Al Gore got the Nobel Mickey Mouse Four-Boxtops Peace Prize for his mawkish sci-fi comedy horror movie about the climate, just two days after a High Court judge in London had stated that “the Armageddon scenario that he depicts is not based on any scientific view”.

James Hansen, the many-times-arrested head of the Goddard Institute of Space Studies, who has done more to damage NASA’s reputation than any other employee with his nonsensical claims that sea level will rise by almost half the height of the Washington Monument, has had awards and grants showered upon him.

Yet, while the climate fraudsters pat each other generously on the back at taxpayers’ expense, the “science” they espouse looks dodgier and dodgier. Here in Melbourne, even Railroad Engineer Pachauri, the head of the U.N.’s climate panel, recently admitted that there has been no global warming for 17 years. Somehow nearly all of the news media here failed to report that.

Australians are beginning to fight back at last. Recently an entrepreneur in New South Wales decided to establish a fish farm. He built dams and, after some years of drought, the rain came, the dams filled, and his fish farm was in business. Within days, the environmental control commissariat sent him a demand for $30,000 a year for using his own water.

The farmer consulted his local university, which determined that the net consumption of water by fish was zero. He sent the commissar – who later turned out to be a profiteering tax farmer to whom the politburo had delegated the collection of environmental taxes – an itemized account for zero charging units, with a check for $0.

The response was a further notice, this time informing him that he would have to cease trading altogether if, following an imminent inspection, koalas were found on the property. The canny farmer pretended that he was away from his property and agreed to meet the koala inspector there at 9 a.m. the following morning.

He slept in his shed. At 6 a.m. the inspector’s ute drew up outside. Furtively, the inspector looked about him and, seeing no one, crept up to a nearby tree and began cutting notches in it to look like claw-marks from a koala. The farmer took photographs through a hole in the shed wall. He confronted the inspector and was never troubled again. But he did not prosecute, as he should have done. The wretch is still at large. So – for now – is the unspeakable Gleick.

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