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'Hitler should have killed all Jews'

(The Blaze) A Dutch researcher was visibly exasperated during an interview he conducted with a group of Turkish Muslim immigrant teenagers when they repeatedly and unabashedly expressed to him on camera their hatred of Jews and admiration for Hitler.

During the interview that aired on Nederland 2 last month which has now been subtitled in English, the Muslim boys proudly describe how they feel about Jews, even though none appears to know any members of the Jewish faith. One even says, “Hitler should have killed all Jews.”

Their words are particularly troubling considering the majority of the country’s Jews were deported to concentrations camps during the Nazi occupation of Holland. The interviewer asks the boys what they know about Anne Frank, the Dutch Jewish girl famous for the diary she kept describing her life while hiding from the Nazis for two years in Amsterdam. At least one of the boys knew she died of typhus in a Nazi concentration camp.