(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) Sen. Pat Leahy, D-Vt., indicated that he will expedite immigration reform by skipping by further committee hearings on the legislation in a sharp letter to a leading Republican lawmaker — a letter characterized by a striking amount of trash-talking about immigration issues and politics.

“I intend to proceed to comprehensive immigration reform with all deliberate speed,” Leahy wrote to Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., in a letter today informing Sessions that Republicans will only have one week to consider the immigration bill — two, if Republicans use procedural means to slow it. “Under the Rules of our Committee, you will have your rights protected to hold over the legislation the first week that it is listed on the Committee’s agenda. After that, you will have the right to circulate and offer amendments.”

Leahy also said that past Congresses investigated the immigration issue enough that they don’t need to hold further hearings on this particular legislation.

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