Rush Limbaugh

Some call it the “Limbaugh Theorem:” That Obama’s popularity lies in his remaining in campaign mode, instead of getting down to the business of governance.

This notion gains more traction every day, but Rush doesn’t care if he gets credit for the concept.

“Basically I got people e-mailing me saying, ‘Everybody’s using that now, but nobody’s mentioning your name,'” Limbaugh told his audience, adding, “I’m not about getting credit. … All I care about is that you people in the audience know the truth about things, and whether anybody else does, that’s for events to flow of their own inertia, history to take care of. Being right is its own validation” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

“CNN was covering [Hugo Chavez’s] death today,” Savage noted, “and the moment there was any voice telling us about the murder rate in Venezuela, Wolf Blitzer immediately cut to a story about the weather.”

Michael Savage set his listeners straight about the socialist “paradise” strongman Chavez left behind and mocked the beloved liberal theory that “poverty causes crime” (FREE audio).

“There were 19,363 murders there last year,” Savage informed listeners. “Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela became one of the Western Hemisphere’s most violent countries. Why, if he was such a populist and he did so much for the poor, were there so many murders in his country?”

This week, the TSA finally lifted its ban on certain knives, blades and other potential weapons, and Dr. Savage wasn’t happy about it. In fact, he wondered if the government wasn’t trying to instigate another terrorist act, in order to impose even more regulations on law-abiding citizens (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Levin was delighted to hear that one of his talk radio rivals, Michael Smerconish, is leaving terrestrial broadcasting for satellite.

“Smerconish tried being a conservative, tried being a liberal and was never any good,” Levin told his Facebook readers. “How about being interesting, entertaining and substantive, you loser?”

While its true that the liberal media continues to give Obama and his minions a free pass, Levin also called out the “so-called conservative media” for not “going after the GOP” when they lie or fail (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

The most talked-about senator of the week, Kentucky’s Rand Paul, talked to Klein about his historic 13-hour filibuster on drone strikes and to debate the issue with Aaron.

Klein also revealed new information about Minnesota’s Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison’s past as a spokesman for the Nation of Islam, about who really paid Barack Obama’s Harvard tuition and how America is secretly aiding Syrian terrorists. Plus, listeners met the radical professor who is pushing the White House’s “living wage” laws (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Rumors are flying that Jeb Bush is considering a 2016 run for president. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told Ingraham he didn’t think that was a good idea. Bush’s run would invite nothing but “re-litigation of the 8 years of his brother’s presidency.” Gingrich also criticized Bush’s “flip-flop” on amnesty.

Is the Hispanic vote really that important? Byron York of the Washington Examiner isn’t convinced.

“In Wisconsin,” he noted, “Romney would have lost if he got 100 percent of the Hispanic vote. In Ohio, if he got 78 percent, he would still not have won. In Virginia, if he got 65 percent of the Hispanic vote, he still could not carry the state. Obviously the Hispanic vote is important in some parts of the country, but in other parts it simply is not important” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Never one to shy away from melodrama, this week Glenn Beck mourned the death of “Lady Liberty,” as he fell to the floor of his studio trying to give “CPR” to an American flag.

“[America] is down on the ground right now, she’s gurgling, we’ve got our hand on the wound,” he said. “When it gets to that part of the movie, that person usually dies. In our case, Lady Liberty in critical condition. But it doesn’t have to end that way” (FREE video).

“America certainly is dead,” Beck added. “Which means I’ve lost faith in my government. I’ve lost faith in the media, in banking, the justice system, some of our big city police departments. I think I just didn’t have faith in the DMV 15 years ago. Now I question everything. I don’t have faith in any of it.”

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